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Dirk Gently: “Fans of Wet Circles”

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On a new case, Dirk, Todd, and Farah are out to “find the boy.” They’ll get work, just as soon as they figure out what they’re supposed to be investigating.

We start again in Wendimore where Silas must answer to his mother. Wygar Oak covers for Silas and his ridiculous explanation about how Panto Trost escaped.

Farah shows us the first of some of the serious detecting skills she uses this episode as she and Todd examine a dead body. They find Dirk in the trunk of a car (and why wouldn’t they?!?), and he and Todd are gleefully and adorably reunited. Todd is quickly reminded just how frustrating it is working with Dirk though, and before Todd can get any answers, Sheriff Hobbs arrives to arrest them, if he can manage it.

l-r: Dirk (Samuel Barnett), Todd (Elijah Wood) and Farah (Jade Eshete) Photo by Ed Araquel/BBCAmerica

At home, Suzie is discovering just how useful a magic wand can be, and she is taking full advantage.

Back at the Sheriff’s department, a newly sober Tina meets Dirk, but is interrupted when Hobbs comes out to fill her in and tell her that the body is a woman who’s been missing for 50 years. They’re both thrilled to finally have something to do.

Amanda and Vogel are relying on Amanda’s visions to find the rest of the Rowdy 3, but Amanda isn’t having attacks like she used to. She comes up with a plan, and even though it’s almost more than Vogel can handle, she figures out where they need to go.

Sherlock Hobbs (Tyler Labine) and Deputy Tina Tevetino (Izzie Steele). Photo by Katie Yu/BBCAmerica

While the Sheriff talks with Farah, Deputy Tina recognizes Todd from his Mexican Funeral days, and has a bit of a fangirl moment. Next, Dirk fills Hobbs in on their last case, which he accepts with surprising ease. Hobbs also reveals that he has a pretty solid understanding of holistic thinking. Back in their cells, Dirk reveals that they’re on a new case from Mona to “find the boy.” Things don’t seem to be going well though, and Todd’s starting to lose faith. Todd also wants to know who the heck Mona is. Dirk never loses faith though, and soon all is back on track when the Sheriff and Tina enlist them to help investigate a cold case involving a missing couple. Dirk is in his element as everything seems to be falling in line.

Desperate to solve the mystery of Dirk’s disappearance, Friedkin questions Martin of the Rowdy 3, but he soon finds out that’s more dangerous than he realized. Mr. Priest shows up just in time, but soon Mr. Priest reveals the shady nature of his role with Blackwing and just how precarious Hugo’s position at Blackwing could be. Priest presents Hugo with options, none of them very pleasant.

Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk).
Photo by Katie Yu/BBCAmerica

At the Farmhouse, the Sheriff and Farah discover that someone else has been there recently. Dirk, Tina, and Todd head off to explore while Farah and Hobbs search the house, unknowingly shadowed by Mr. Mage. During the search, the two bond over detecting, and the Sheriff gives Farah background information on the disappearances and the power surges that occurred soon after, leading to the town’s demise.

In the barn, Todd, Dirk, and Tina examine a wet circle that answers no questions, but soon Dirk finds a mysterious weapon. Tina grills Todd on his relationship status and life choices. Experimenting with the strange weapon, Tina starts freaking out over how strange things are. Todd tells her that things are probably going to get a lot weirder, and Dirk immediately proves this to be true.

Back outside examining a body in a tree, Farah also reveals that the missing couple likely had a child. Dirk enthusiastically proclaims that is their missing boy.

We end with Suzie’s son crashing into Prince Trost, and back at home, Suzie’s husband reveals that her sweet, timid personality might all be an act, and she gives us plenty of reason to believe him.

With Dirk, Todd, and Farah helping the Sheriff investigate, Suzie’s newfound power, and the impending arrival of Amanda and Vogel, it looks like things are about to get weird in Bergsberg.

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