LUCIFER: “Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith” roundtable

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This week on Lucifer, we headed north with Maze to apprehend a fugitive and hijinks ensued! Join Melissa, Cay, Karen, and Leah as they discuss “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith”.

The Adventures of Mazikeen Smith, Bounty Hunter, took her to the Great White North in search of a fugitive who’s been eluding capture for two years. Aside from allowing Lesley-Ann Brandt to wear bulky coats to hide her pregnancy, what did you think about this trip away from sunny L.A.?

Melissa: Fun! I enjoyed watching Maze flirt, kick, and stab her way through her assignment. It was also interesting to see who she is away from the people she cares about (yes, Maze, I said “cares”) in L.A.

Cay: Maze’s Fish out of water/demon out of hell is funny in LA, but not near as funny as it is in Canada at a ski resort. I loved it!

Karen: It was great! Maze is so complex and nuanced, but we get to see her stripped down to her basic elements in this one. Then we get the bonus element of her self-actualization, and it puts the cherry on top. Really nice. Tight writing.

Leah: I loved it. How great is Maze? I’ve missed her in the first episodes. Her interactions with….well anybody….are amazing.

Maze was tempted by Rivers’ offer to run away with him, before ultimately deciding to return “home”. Discuss.

Melissa: I think Rivers had it right when he said, “And you thought you didn’t have a soul.” Lucifer, Dr. Linda, Chloe, and Trixie are her soul. Especially Trixie. Yay, Trixie!

Cay: Sometimes you need to leave to realize how important “home” is.

Karen: I’d be willing to bet that after the betrayal she felt last season she actually gave his offer some thought. After a minute or so, she gave it up – because who could give up that group of misfits back in LA? Not even soulless Maze.

Leah: I want to echo Cay. You can’t appreciate what you have until you see what it’s like somewhere else

We learned that Herrera ordering the death of two teenagers and framing Rivers for the murders is the tip of a much bloodier iceberg. Who do you think owns that ominous file cabinet we saw at the end of the episode?

Melissa: Is this connected to the Sinnerman? Or is this why Tom Welling has been giving us the creeps for weeks?

Cay: There certainly seems to be an overarching evil being set up for this season. Maybe it’s Sinnerman, or maybe whoever he works for? I’m down with it – I like a bit of on-going mythology in my shows.

Karen: I’d be willing to bet it’s connected to the Sinnerman. We may even have seen him in profile there, filing away his information for later use. I just want to get deeper into it already. Tom Welling wasn’t in this episode, and it seemed a bit better for it. It PAINS me to say that, because TOM WELLING, but they need to flesh him out or get rid of his subplot. He’s just taking up space that could be filled with more Maze, Dr. Linda, Amenadiel, etc. Highlighted to the nth degree this week without him.

Leah: I definitely think it’s part of The Sinnerman arc. Although I’d really like to know already who or what that is.

This episode is one of the four filmed last season as standalones focusing on secondary characters. How well did it slot into this season?

Melissa: Really well! They peppered in several specific references to Maze being in Canada bounty hunting in the first three episodes of the season, setting this up beautifully. I’m not sure the average viewer will realize it was filmed last spring.

Cay: I forgot there were those “extra” episodes from last season and nothing about this one seemed out of continuity to me, so I guess I’m an “average viewer”.

Karen: Well, I loved this episode, so I give it extra points for that alone. As far as fitting in, the only part that keeps it in the continuity is the shadowy figure thing. Otherwise it could’ve gone anywhere. We saw nothing about Lucifer’s wings, Lt. Pierce, no Ella or Amenadiel, nothing to keep it in the major arc of the show. I didn’t mind one bit – so it’s cool that they put it here. I’d usually call this kind of episode “filler,” except that this was so well done I just can’t bring myself to hang that moniker on it.

Leah: I thought it was pretty seamless. And again, anything with Maze is good with me.


Melissa: No contest – Mazikeen Smith

Cay: Maze was awesome, but this was her episode, so that is to be expected. I’m going with Trixie – being so excited about their being blood on Miss Alien and learning that handshake/throat slash from Maze – she steals every scene she’s in!

Karen: I have to give it to Maze. Stealing the coat from Mr. “make fun of the demon” was hilarious.

Leah: Maze. Maze. Maze. Maze.

Favorite lines/scenes/jokes:

Chloe: “I’m not worried about Maze. I’m worried about Canada.”

Also Chloe: “So you’re why Canada is in danger.”

Karen: Hey Mel, How about, “I know a little Kung-Fu” from Rivers? Sound familiar? #Machux

Maze: “What are you afraid of?”
Dr. Linda: “Fear of liver failure, mostly.”
There were tons of very funny lines in this episode!

Maze: “I was getting a little bored with the constant drinking, violence, sex. You know how it is.”
Linda: “Yes, of course. All those things, all the time, for me.”

Lucifer: “Actually, do you have to bring a bounty back alive? Would just the head suffice? ‘Cause that is her thing. Maybe we could just super glue him back together on delivery.”

Maze: “I didn’t shoot him. Some psycho from room service did.”
Lucifer: “Well, so much for Canadian hospitality.”

Leah: Can I go with a handshake? Because the handshake Maze and Trixie have is adorable and a little scary…much like Maze.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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