The Mayor Roundtable: Filibuster

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The Mayor went back to school with episode 2. See what we had to say and leave your comments below!

Does Courtney Rose need to watch Schoolhouse Rocks for some Civics lessons?
Roz: Yes! As a Civics teacher, they are perfect lessons in government.
Melissa: While Schoolhouse Rocks would be helpful, I think Dina Rose’s lessons in government are the most effective for these kids.
Cara: Yeah, mom’s teaching methodology is one I can get behind. Courtney is still oblivious about just what he’s gotten into, but he had a little lesson in humility this week, and I think he has a little more appreciation for Valentina’s way of seeing things.

So far the show is finding great secondary characters, how do you feel about Larry Wilmore as a numbers guy?
Roz: Larry is great! Can he come back again?
Melissa: I liked his determination to say “Courtney Rose” frequently to keep the mayor’s attention. And Valentina’s fangirling over him was a great way to introduce an otherwise boring character with a super important job.
Cara: I love Larry Wilmore! He does uncool and nonplussed so well.

TK is oblivious to his job as is Courtney. Do you like brokeconimics as a way to fix the budget or was Dina’s drive a better way to teach TK about his job responsibilities?
Roz: Both are important to get the group used to the job of being in local government. It was funnier to watch TK in town with all those issues than it was to watch the number being crunched or the fillibuster.
Melissa: Agreed, both are important methods of teaching because they’re teaching different things. Brokenomics helped Courtney understand how to manipulate the budget while Dina’s drive with TK helped him see the problems in the community in a way that helped him understand his role in government.
Cara: I think the guys learned some great things this week in a lot of ways. Jermaine’s pre-party/post-party analogy was good and showed Courtney that Valentina was right. Dina took T.K. to the problems to open his eyes a little, and brokenomics is something I think most of us have experienced.

Roz: Valentina for me this week as she did so much to try and make Courtney’s plan a reality.
Melissa: Dina for me. She clearly understands how to explain government to her boys in a way that makes it relatable. Also, does TK have a massive crush on her or am I imagining things?
Cara: I think I’m going to have to go with Valentina too. Despite her frustration with Courtney, she got past her desire to let him fail and worked hard to make his promises a reality. I think T.K. has a little bit of a mom crush, than a romantic one. I think the poor guy just wants someone to be proud of him.

Favorite joke?
Roz: The button with the shoes.
Melissa: Valentina fangirling over the numbers guy.
Cara: Valentina’s crush on Verne is pretty great, “You’re imagining two Verne’s right now, aren’t you?” But I enjoyed Dina’s list of grievances to provoke Courtney to talk, “and another thing, Pat Sajak. I just don’t like him.”

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