THE MINDY PROJECT: 4 great things about “Anna & Jeremy’s Meryl Streep Costume Party”

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The name of this week’s episode of  THE MINDY PROJECT says it all – Anna and Jeremy throw a Meryl Streep themed costume party and yes we see all the Schulman & Associates crew show up as different Meryl Streep characters (well except for Beverly) and yes it is as amazing as it sounds. Read on to find out what were our top picks from this fresh episode…

Anna and Jeremy’s Meryl Streep costume party (obviously)
Everyone love Meryl Streep, which is why everyone at Schulman & Associates actually wanted to go to a party of Jeremy’s for once. We had Mindy from Julie & Julia, Morgan as Ricki and the Flash, Jeremy as Florence Foster Jenkins and A Cry in the Dark (also known as Evil Angels), Anna as Out of Africa, Tamra as Death Becomes Her, Colette as Doubt, Jody as River Wild, Karen from The Devil Wears Prada and newbie doctor Anna Hernandez as Bridges of Madison County. Scroll through the gallery to see this awesome homage to Meryl:

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Beverly gets a storyline
After five seasons and lots of hilarious one-liners, it’s about time Beverly gets a storyline in the show’s final season and boy is it a doozy. She has a son! In 1982 she left him in a basket in front of a jazzercise studio with a cassette recording with a audio message for him. In a rare moment, we see Beverly panic and flee when he reveals himself at Jeremy and Anna’s party. Later Mindy and Jeremy help her with tips on how to behave and give her a makeover before she meets up with him. All seems to be going well until he goes to leave and realizes his wallet is missing, to which Mindy realizes Beverly pick-pocketed him and has a firm talk with Beverly, accusing her of self sabotaging this new relationship in her life. Beverly may put on that she’s a bit of a mess and doesn’t care but Mindy reminds her of the times she’s come through for her personally, including when she advised Mindy not to let Danny push her around when they were together. Aww!

Morgan & Jody team up (and Jody being put in his place)
We don’t get many scenes with just Jody and Morgan and considering how they’re basically polar opposites, it was a delight to see these two share a storyline together after Jody enlists Morgan’s help when one of his patients leaves him for another doctor downtown. That doctor turns out to be Dr Mary Hernandez (played by UGLY BETTY and DEVIOUS MAIDS star Ana Ortiz) who works at the women’s free clinic downtown and claims that her practice is the number one women’s health care clinic in the city. Immune to Jody’s charms, she calls him out on the way that he treats women and accuses him of being selfish. Determined to prove her wrong (and also steal her clientele), he digs up the old mobile practice (remember the one from Season 2 with Mindy, Jeremy, Danny and Peter’s faces on it? I pretty much squealed when I saw it return!) from the dump yard and starts offering free health checks outside the clinic. At the end of the day he feels strangely fulfilled and after some flirting with Dr Hernandez, tells her he and the van will be back next week. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Mary and it’s great to see that Jody has met his match. Ha!

The return of the practice bus
No seriously, how great was it to see it? I’m loving all these throwbacks to previous seasons – that is how you do a final season, guys!

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