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Blink went into shock and her powers were uncontrollable, causing a lot of problems at the Underground Headquarters. They managed to get that under control with some quick thinking by the Struckers with the help of Marcos. Meanwhile Polaris was transferred to a general population prison and immediately runs afoul of some of the prisoners.

Blink had some issues this episode. Do you think that her partial destruction of the Undergrounds headquarters is going to cause some distrust with the other mutants?
Roz: I don’t know if it’ll lead to distrust (or mistrust), but I think it’ll mean the MU is moving out sooner rather than later. But we knew that most mutants could and can be dangerous so I hope that they’re accepting of that being par for the course. How that affects what Daddy Stucker will say for that deal is complicated.
Rueben: They may be mutants, but they still think like humans; and while they may be a little more accepting, there is more than likely going to be at least one (maybe Dreamer – aka actress Elena Satine) who will rock the boat. They do need a better headquarters, though, but I doubt they’ll be able to do much better given how lowly mutants are looked upon.
Karen: I think they’re going to be careful to keep the gang healthy, and that means keeping Kate around. It also showed how powerful Blink can be when she starts to harness her powers – and that’s going to be an asset, so hopefully they’ll realize that. How cool was the fear projection guy? He might be Trauma, although he’s probably just an unnamed mutant. In the comics, Trauma is currently MIA.

Amy Acker got to be a badass this episode (and save the day) in a different way than her past characters. Thoughts on her coming to terms with her kids being mutants? Or as much as one can expect in such a short time.
Roz: Hey she didn’t die! That’s a good point for me. (Yeah, still bitter about that one Joss!) But I appreciate that she’s a caring and understanding parent. So many of the mutants are kicked out like Marcos (or have their parents killed way too early) and I want to keep most of the Struckers around for the sake of a strong family which can bleed into the found family of the MU.
Rueben: She really got her eyes open to the plight of the mutants with dealing with that doctor and the cops. And how great was it to see her be a bad ass. She was pretty damn brave running into that building as Blink was misfiring left and right; and jumping through that portal too. Pretty hard core for someone who is, essentially, a soccer mom – to a degree.
Karen: LOVED IT. Amy Acker is amazing, and I had a love/hate relationship with her on Person of Interest. Root was definitely not my favorite character, but Amy is fantastic. She’s already taken this role and made it her own. I’ve totally gotten on-board with her growling and clawing mama bear persona. She’s decided that what had been going on in her other life (before mutant kids) was unacceptable, so this is her change to be redeemed. No hesitation to run in and save Blink as soon as she made sure her kids were okay. BAMF.

Polaris – She still managed to do a little damage with that horrible collar on in prison. Do you see the other imprisoned mutants joining her in a revolt?
Roz: I hope those two other mutants join her side after plastering that one woman to the fence with the table.
Rueben: I think right now she might have a hard sell with the other mutants, but at some point I want to believe that she’ll either draw them to her side or she is someone rescued out of that jail. Maybe I’m being too optimistic about that, but I’d like to see her reunited with Marcos.
Karen: I honestly don’t know how much you guys know about Polaris, so I won’t say too much. She’s got a great pedigree, so it’s not a surprise to me that she can get her powers to work even though she’s collared. Talk about a table flip! (ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻ Holy moly! I definitely see her getting some of the other girls on her side at some point, although I don’t see her being there for too long. I’m very worried about her baby as well. That’s a huge concern. I wouldn’t want to be in those other girls’ place if she loses it. And that “loses it” can be taken many ways.
Roz: Hey I’m over here hoping to get more of her pedigree in this show. I spend last week already demanding Magneto make an appearance. (Come on Fassbender!) Because she’s already shown the rage he brings everywhere and it can only go so many places when she’s upset or frustrated.

Garret Dillahunt only made a very brief appearance at the end. Thoughts on his character?
Roz: I already want to punch him in the face! He’s so creepy but now I worry.
Rueben: I think that’s the whole point. We aren’t supposed to like him; Garret is great at playing that kind of character anyway. I don’t think I can even give his character the benefit of the doubt either.
Karen: I know y’all know him from Mindy Project or Justified, but I always remember him as Burt from Raising Hope. Which makes seeing him this way weird. However, he *is* good at it. I can’t wait to see where he takes it. There has to be a driving force behind the hunt, and I think he can pull it off. Together with Coby Bell (both overlapping on Burn Notice btw), they’ll be something to be reckoned with.

Additional Comments?
Roz: Horray for Lorna’s green hair! Now she looks like the Polaris I know and love.
Rueben: I had a feeling there was an underlying reason why they made such a focus of her hair in that shower. It is times like these that I wish I had been more of a comic book reader so I wouldn’t be such a novice. Also how about Lauren and Andy stepping up to try to keep the cops and SWAT team at bay while Blink was “back-firing?”
Karen: I kinda dig that some of you guys aren’t comic book readers because it gives me an insight into what it’s like to watch these shows “blind”. Sometimes I wish there were things I *didn’t* know ahead of time, and you guys have that luxury. The whole Strucker clan is solid. Even grandma is keeping it as much together as she can in the circumstances. I’m hoping she pulls out the “I want my lawyer” card so Reed can relax a bit and stay silent. The tension there is building, and I love it.

Side note: Is this going to be a low-key Burn Notice reunion show? Matt Nix definitely has some favorite actors, and they’re Garrett Dillahunt, Coby Bell, and Sharon Gless (so far). I’ll be keeping my eye on you Jere Burns…
Roz: I’m all for any and all Burn Notice reunions. Bruce Campbell would be great if he can get time away from Ash vs the Evil Dead.

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