Lucifer Roundtable: The One With The Baby Carrot

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Lucifer continues his search for The Sinnerman and he gets some unexpected help along the way.

I know inching towards a relationship is a standard TV model but come on with the Chloe and Lucifer already. I feel like they aren’t even really friends anymore. Thought?
Karen: I’m so frustrated right now. I don’t mind a good WT/WT, but there’s not even that here right now. SHOW. HER. YOUR. WINGS. ALREADY.
Cay: I do want him to tell Chloe the truth (or more appropriately show her so she actually believes him), but I actually do not want to see them in a relationship. I like the flirting, but I would rather keep it that way. I’m sick of the leads on shows always having to hook up. Many male-female relationships (not sure about human-demon) remain in the friendzone forever, and that’s probably more realistic.
Karen: RE: the Chloe/Luci relationship – I agree Cay. They don’t have to hook up at all. I’m good with them being partners. She just NEEDS to know already.
Lisa: I agree with Cay. I wish he would just show her the wings! I also like the flirting but I don’t want to see them in a relationship. At least not now. I am not sure if I want to see Luci in a relationship with anyone.

The Lieutenant got all of Dan’s background on Lucifer just to creepily break into Lucifer’s apartment and warn him away from Sinnerman? What?
Karen: Oh no he didn’t. He’s still doing something hinky. We know he’s not the Sinnerman because of some casting news, but he’s still shady af. And trust me, I hate to say that because it’s TOM WELLING.
Cay: Yeah, he’s got some sort of end game, and this wasn’t it.
Lisa: I didn’t trust him from the start and I still don’t. And all that business about keeping it from Chloe? He is up to something.

How awesome was the Linda Amenadiel…friendship? Is there anyone Linda can’t interact with and make it great?
Karen: Short answer? No. Linda is definitely the pivot point of the show. Her interactions with ANY cast member are amazing. When’s Dan’s turn on the couch? He’s gonna have to get in there to vent about Lucifer sooner or later, right?
Cay: Yes, Dr Linda is the best! I loved her trying to make a nickname for him!
Lisa: Yes! Dr. Linda rocks and I was cracking up at her calling him Amen! lol And Karen yes, it’s about time for Dan to sit on the couch.

Best line or scene?
Karen: Ella’s fangirling was amusing for a while. Once they saw Bobby Lowe in person it got a little old, but I enjoy her exuberance. Lucifer throwing tomatoes at Dan? PRICELESS. So great. And now it looks like The Devil is metaphorically going down to Georgia next week… I can’t wait.
Cay: Linda and Amen…er…Amenadiel. Loved her comment about the “angel wings dumpster fire” (or was it the “divine dumpster fire”?) Also loved their discussion of what is really going on, and who is being tested and how and why. I love it when the show dives into the theology/mythology and asks the philosophical questions.
Karen: I also totally forgot about the “Amen” nickname. When Linda realized the nickname was “Amen,” her reaction was pretty scattered and funny.
Lisa: Luci heckling Dan about his “baby carrot” was hilarious. Honestly, I think i am going to giggle everytime i see a baby carrot now.

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