VIDEO! The NiceGirls Experience the Museum of LORE

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Often the truly scariest stories are true.

Amazon continued it’s expansion at New York Comic Con this year by introducing attendees and horror fans alike to their newest series Lore. Lore brings to life the podcast sensation of the same name created by Aaron Mahnke along with Ben Silverman (The Office), Howard T. Owens (The Biggest Loser), Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), Brett-Patrick Jenkins (Face Off), Glen Morgan (X-Files), Jon Halperin and Mark Mannucci (A Year in Space).  Lore brings the podcast to life and tells the real life origin stories that have led to our modern day myths and legends, including vampires, changelings, werewolves, séances and possessed dolls.

My fellow NiceGirl Cay and I were delighted and a tiny bit terrified on our visit to the Museum of Lore this week. We were treated to a series of three rooms, each having a unique and unsettling story of their own. Check out our video as we discover Gene’s Bedroom, The Unveiled and The Beast Inside.

Lore premiers Friday October 13 only on Amazon Prime.




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