VIDEO! The Tick: The Nice Girls Meet Dangerboat

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Amazon had a huge presence at New York Comic Con this year, bringing one of their newest hits, The Tick, to life with an awesome interactive Dangerboat. For the uninitiated: 1) You need to watch this show! 2) Dangerboat is the partner of the character Overkill, one of the sort-of villains of the series.

Dangerboat is a…boat…but with artificial intelligence, so he acts as both transportation, a lair, and tech support for Overkill (Scott Speiser). The version Amazon brought to the show floor was awesome – complete with hundreds of dials, switches, and interactive computer as well.

The computer, using the same moving camera with attitude that is used in the show, would track visitors, calling them out by name (we scanned our RFID wristbands to enter) and chatting/teasing/interacting with them. It was pretty funny to watch Dangerboat call out unsuspecting visitors! It was a real treat for fans of the show, and we all got some cool swag, too – canisters of Fo-Ham and blue ponchos, because, you never know when you might need one, right, Arthur?

The first 6 episodes of The Tick are streaming now with Amazon Prime! 

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