Mr Robot: Season 3 kicked off at New York Comic Con

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The USA Network threw an amazing gala to kick off season 3 of its popular Mr. Robot. The event was promoted as a kick-off gala for E-corp’s new electronic currency – E-coin. The venue was very elaborate – it looked every bit like a fancy corporate unveiling function. We were treated to an open bar, a band, and some fancy appetizers.  At one point, we were pulled aside and given E-coin bags that contained fsociety masks and messages about what to do with them.

We then got an intro from an E-corp executive and watched a promotional video for E-coin. After the promo had finished, the E-corp CEO (Michael Cristofer) got up to give a speech. He was soon interrupted when the lights flickered and went out and the fsociety mask was projected on the screen. The CEO was rushed off the stage by security and suddenly the entire decor of the place changed with the big “E” being lowered from the ceiling, fsociety banners unfurled from all the upper levels, and many of the crowd now wearing masks. The band returned and played the Mr. Robot theme song, wearing masks.

We saw some fsociety propaganda, then the entire first episode of Mr. Robot season 3 was screened. After the episode, the E-corp “senior VP of marketing” came out, apologized for the interruption, and told us we all had to leave. As we headed towards the doors, we noticed fsociety graffiti sprayed all over the walls and lit up with black lights (it wasn’t visible on the way in). When we got out to the street, there were dozens of fsociety protestors chanting and holding signs.

Apparently, for some attendees, the whole experience went even further, as described here, with them being recruited to be part of the action.

The whole night was hands down the most elaborate and well-done promotional event that I’ve ever attended and got us excited for the new season! Check out our pictures below!

Mr. Robot season 3 premieres on Wednesday, October 11th, 10/9c on the USA Network.

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