Outlander Recap: “Of Lost Things”

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Episode four of the third season of Outlander aired last night and progressed the story of Claire and Jamie through some very difficult times; namely Claire having a rough “go” of learning more about Jamie’s life after the Battle of Culloden and Jamie living his life at Helwater, the lavish English estate where he worked in servitude to the wealthy Dunsany family.

The official description for the episode follows:

“Jamie is pulled into intrigue while serving as a groomsman at Helwater; in 1968, Claire, Brianna and Roger struggle to trace Jamie’s whereabouts, leaving Claire to wonder if they will ever find him.”

Little White Lies

Lord Dunsany made it abundantly clear from the outset of the episode that he knew who Jamie was (based on the, shall we say, “doctored” details provided by John William Grey), but that he would keep that little white lie from Lady Dunsany as she harbored a great hatred for anyone involved in the Jacobite Rebellion which cost the life of their only son.

Later in the episode Lady Dunsany told Jamie she learned he was a Jacobite prisoner, but because of what he did to save their grandchild’s life, her husband could use his considerable influence in London to get Jamie paroled, allowing him to return to Scotland.

As Willie grew to be a young boy, the little white lie of Willie’s true parentage was becoming more and more obvious, making it necessary for Jamie to leave before the full truth was revealed.

A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss

How about those cute scenes between Roger and Brianna leading up to the much anticipated first kiss between the two?! First, Brianna giving Roger a hard time about young Fiona, who obviously has a major crush on the hunky historian; and then the unexpected kiss between the two that surprised Brianna and obviously pleased Roger to no end.

Indecent Proposal

Geneva Dunsany was nothing short of a spoiled brat (very much how she was depicted in the book, by the way)! She used her knowledge about Jamie’s past – gained through liberal libations partaken by Lord Melton – forcing him to have sex with her before her unwanted marriage to a man who was old enough to be her grandfather. That scene itself was explicit – it is a Starz drama after all – but a bit different from the book. I’m not going to spoil how the sex scene between Geneva and Jamie was depicted in the book, but it was quite a bit different than the small screen adaptation. That one night together created a child, who was named William (nicknamed Willie by his Aunt Isobel after his mother’s father [and was ironically, or not, the same name as Jamie’s older brother.]

Later in the episode, Jamie offered himself to John William Grey in trade for John taking care of young Willie as if he were his own son was only slightly reminiscent of what Jamie had to do with Black Jack Randall in order to save Claire’s life. But, thankfully – unlike that black-hearted Black Jack – John turned him down [even though he would probably want Jamie for the rest of his life] because he was to be married to Lady Isobel Dunsany, who had obviously held him in highest esteem and admiration since her first introduction in the episode.

What Is In a Name?

Jamie has gone by many names during the course of his life. His latest name, while working at Helwater, is Alexander Mackenzie or Mac for short, as used by young Willie. He also demanded that Geneva call him Alex while in her room that fateful night of their coupling.

Also, John William Grey was called “Johnny” by his older brother Hal – reminiscent of the young, late Alexander Randall calling his older brother Johnathan (Black Jack) Randall “Johnny” too – creepy, no?!

Patron Saint of Lost Things

It was a touching scene between Jamie and young Willie as Jamie told the wee lad about the people he was remembering as he burned a candle before the image of Saint Anthony, the Patron Saint of Lost Things: his own brother Willie, his sister, his godfather and his wife. Christening his son William James – James being the special papist name that they will now share in secret – and Jamie giving the young boy an engraved wooden snake just like the one that Jamie’s older brother Willie gave to him when he was a boy. While Roger holds onto that little toy airplane from his youth as Claire and Brianna flew back to Boston after being unable to track Jamie’s whereabouts.

The most moving scene was the last where Jamie rode away from Helwater, heading for Scotland, as young Willie cried for Mac not to leave while Jamie held back tears as he knew he was leaving his only living child behind: once again losing another family member.

What did you think of the episode? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below. The next new episode of Outlander will air on Starz on Sunday, October 8 at 8/7c.

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  1. Jackie Kerner

    October 2, 2017 at 11:19 am

    I loved the episode! I thought the exchange between Jamie and Lord John was a little fast–would have loved of John’s laugh and Jamie’s testy “Do you want it or no?!” from the book, but I totally understand the time constraints, so no problem. I’m really “falling for” David Berry’s Lord John more and more, as many do/have from the books. And I wanted to downright sob when Jamie had to leave Helwater. Did you or anyone else see/hear a similarity to the movie ending of Shane? That might be a generational thing! 😀 Great job by all!

    • Rueben

      October 2, 2017 at 7:20 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed the episode even with the alterations in that scene (and others throughout the episode). Thank you for reading the recap and commenting. It is always great to hear from a fellow Outlander fan! Hope you will come back again. By the way: I can’t say that I’m familiar with the ending of Shane. I know of the movie, but I don’t know the ending.