Woman of the Week

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Fall TV is back and with it Woman of the Week. The NiceGirls get together and pick women from this week in TV that stood out. Below are our picks. Let us know in the comments if you saw a standout performance.

Nominated by Roz: Edie Falco as Leslie Abramson on Law and Order: True Crime The Menendez Murder
She is an amazing defense attorney with a keen sense of what really happened with the Menendez family. I was hooked when she first spoke. Also she’s rocking an amazing late 80s perm that reminds me of my youth.
Seconded by Cara: I also just watched Edie Falco in The Menendez Brothers and agree she’s grabs your attention immediately. That said, I think we’ll really see her shine as she becomes a more integral part of the story.

Nominated by Lisa: Debra Messing & Megan Mullally as Grace Adler and Karen Walker on Will & Grace
It’s a tie for me this week! After 11 years they stepped right in and didn’t miss a beat. I love this show and these 2 ladies rock it out every time. I’m looking forward to seeing what they bring to this revival and the comedy gold that is Will & Grace.

Nominated by Melissa: Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth on This Is Us

It appears Beth will have an expanded role this season, and Susan nailed it in the season premiere. She gave us a beautifully poignant but dry moment with William in a flashback, played her restrained anger with Randall in a way that you could feel her seething, delivered “I’m not about to throw down with you in the adoption carpark” with such precision that I cheered, and presented her adoption compromise with conviction but no melodrama. Sterling K. Brown may have won the (well-deserved) Emmy this year, but Susan is proving she can hold her own. #TeamBeth
Seconded by Ange: YES, I second Melissa’s nomination of Susan! Fingers crossed that this is a sign of more great Beth things to come.

Nominated by Ange: D’Arcy Carden as Janet on The Good Place
For something/someone that isn’t meant to be human, there’s so much life in Janet thanks to Carden’s delightful portrayal. The montage of Janet dying over and over again was so fun and that alone just sealed the ep for me!
Seconded by Cara: My thoughts were also on D’Arcy Carden as Janet, for the same reason.

Nominated by Lexie: Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop on The Good Place

Speaking of The Good Place: I’m nominating Kristin partially because of all the amazing things Kristen Bell’s been doing in regards to hurricane relief, and partly due to the fact that Eleanor is so marvelously evil without meaning to be that she’s essentially torturing Michael without knowing it. I have to respect that.
But I’ll also throw my vote in for D’arcy Carden, too, because her wardrobe is amazing and Janet is my favorite.

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