Outlander Recap: “All Debts Paid”

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The third episode of the third season of Outlander that aired on Starz on Sunday night was a very gripping hour that, once again, jump between Claire in Boston in 1955, 1958 and 1966 and Jamie at Ardsmuir Prison in 1755.

The official description for the episode follows:

“Imprisoned Jamie learns that an old foe has become the warden and has the power to make his life hell; Claire and Frank both put their best foot forward in marriage, but an uninvited guest shatters the illusion.”

Given the episode didn’t feature any voiceover by Claire (or Jamie – although I hope that some future episode of the third season will feature one with him), it seemed only right to focus this week’s recap on much of the great dialogue as written by Matthew B. Roberts, who has written (or co-written six other episodes in the series to date).


Feed the America-ness out of her.” – Claire to Frank in providing young Brianna with a proper English breakfast

Ramrod is standard issue in the British Army.” – Murtagh to Jamie when discussing the new governor of Ardsmur Prison

NOTE: How terrific was it to finally hear Murtagh’s voice, and know what became of him since the Battle of Culloden.

I learned the trick from (a) lass who knew a fair amount about healing.” – Jamie to Murtagh when providing him with herbs to help with his failing health

God knows what you did to be sent here, but for your own sake I hope you deserved it.” – Jamie to Major John William Grey, the new governor of Ardsmuir Prison

Do you honestly believe that anyone believes you are happily married?” – Frank to Claire about his girlfriend showing up at the front door of their home in the middle of Claire and Joe Abernathy’s graduation from medical school

I think our bedroom is far too crowded already, wouldn’t you agree.” – Frank to Claire when she grilled him about f*cking his girlfriend in their own bedroom

Do ye be warned, lad…she seeks a brave man; a McKenzie. She will come for you.” – Duncan Kerr, the “bedeviled” man found by some Ardsmuir guards who rambled on and on about the gold believed to be sent to Scotland by King Louis and the White Witch

Is it even possible?…Wish we could know what became of her (and the wee bairn).”- Murtagh to Jamie when talking about what Duncan Kerr shared with him before he died about the White Witch coming for Jamie

The mere memory burned shame into my gut.” – John William Grey to Jamie after Jamie snuck up behind him when he was taking a piss (just as a 16-year-old John did to Jamie all those years before), and talked about his giving up intel on the British Army to save the English lady (aka Claire) the Scots were supposedly holding captive

That’s my girl.” – Frank
I’m so proud of you.” – whisper Claire at Brianna’s high school graduation

Some people you grieve over forever.” – John William Grey to Jamie while talking about the man who inspired John to join the British Army (and was probably more than that to John) that rang true for how Jamie feels about losing Claire

Take your hand off me or I will kill you.” – Jamie to John William Grey when he made an unwelcome move on Jamie

I’m finished with this Claire.” – Frank
You’ve been waiting all this time. You’ve just been waiting for the clock to run out.” – Claire, as they argued about him wanting a divorce and taking Brianna to England permanently

You couldn’t look at Brianna without seeing him, could you? Without that constant reminder, might you have forgotten about him with time?” – Frank
That amount of time doesn’t exist.” – Claire, at the end of their argument

If you are still close enough to hear me, I did love you very much. You’re my first love.” – Claire to the lifeless body of Frank

What were your top moments or favorite lines from the episode? Please share your thoughts on “All Debts Paid” in our comment section below. The next new episode of Outlander will air on Starz on Sunday, October 1 at 8/7c.

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