Nice Boy: Linc Hand

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Our Nice Boy this week is the lovely Linc Hand. You may recognize him from his run on TV show Revenge or the blockbuster 42. This southern charmer took the time to answer a few questions for us. Read our interview below and be sure to watch for him on Ghosted, a new fall show that premieres Sunday October 1st on Fox.

-Ghosted – what a great cast! What can you tell us about your role?
Yes the cast is amazing! What I can tell you about my character is that I’m very much like the James Bond of the government agency “the underground”. You learn a lot about my character in the pilot. I’m a very skilled agent in the field, dealing with the paranormal and alternate universes. I bring Adam Scott’s and Craig Robinson’s characters into the agency underground.

-How hard is it to keep it together around guys as funny as Craig Robinson and Adam Scott?
It is so hard. Those guys are historically funny. The only thing that matches their talent, is how cool and kind they are. It’s so much fun to watch them work.

-You are also working on ‘Earth Angel’ now, directed by Timothy Hines (10 Days in a Madhouse was brilliant). Tell us about the film and your character.
I play William Pierce, a billionaire who gives away everything after the death of his wife and two daughters. He is on his way to spread the ashes of his family, when he meets an angel that looks just like his wife. The angel has to help him find his way so he can save the world from a misguided person, who is determined to bring about the end of days. ’10 days in a Madhouse’ was such a great film and I’m so honored to work with Timothy Hines.

-Is there a project you worked on that you would like more people to know about?
’42′ was such an amazing experience for me because it was my first big studio film. So many stories to tell about that one. Made some great friends on that project, playing baseball every day for a few months really bonds you with people. I miss that one. Also, there was a film called “Goodbye World” that was a really great experience for me. I play a very intense guy. Hahah. You have to see the movie to understand, but such a great cast and great producers on that film.

-Do you have a charity you like to support? One you’d like people to know about?
There are so many worthy causes that I want to help in the future but St. Jude is one I actively support now. I have a soft spot in my heart for children as most people do. Also, I support my mother’s organization, The Edie Hand Foundation, which has worked closely with children’s hospitals in Alabama as well as St. Jude’s hospital research.

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