WYNONNA EARP Roundtable: I Hope You Dance

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Wynonna Earp left it all on the table with their season finale. Thank the heavens they have been renewed for another season. The Widows make their final play only to have Mercedes Face Widow pull a fast one. She makes off with Clooties ring. Although her triumph was short lived thanks to Wynonna and Doc. Waverly pulls her weight most of the episode while simultaneously apologizing for the mess they are in. Oh and she isn’t part Revenant so that’s good. Doc and Jeremy take care of Bobo, although that is probably temporary. Dolls handles the annoying firefighting brethren and that just leaves Wynonna. Wyonna manages to take out Revenants, destroy The Widows and you know give birth on a pool table in the bar. She is a badass! She then does the hardest thing of all. She sends Alice Michelle (named after Doc’s and her own Mom) away to live with Aunt Gus. Keeping her as far away from the Ghost River Triangle as possible.

Your favorite and/or least favorite things this episode.
Favorite scene – Hands down was the “shoot-out” on Main Street between Wynonna and Doc. I so was not expecting them to aim and fire at each other or for that bullet to split in two, taking out the “Merry Widows” [as I’ve been calling them]. And what about Widow Mercedes’s transformation into that Gandalf-like costume.
Least Favorite: How they have been trying to incorporate Rosie into the season; and her going after Wynonna as she was giving birth. I was fine with her inclusion once we learned that she was helping Doc, creating the “potion” to help Dolls, but when it was revealed she was a Revenant, well, I was surprised by that revelation, but it just felt too forced.
Leah: Favorite scene: Dolls taking out the brethren. I don’t understand where those dumbass’s were all season, talking about how they were tasked with keeping the town safe. How dare they show up at the end and act like they are the rightful “keepers” of Wynonna’s baby. Doll killing the firemen with fire made me giggle.
Least Favorite: I’m with Rueben. Rosie just proved exactly why Wynonna was going to have to shoot her in the end anyway. She turned on her and quickly. She felt like a forced love interest to keep Doc busy AND she kissed Waverly. It was just weird all the way around with her.
Karen: Favorite Scene: I gotta agree with Rueben, the “high noon” shootout was amazing. Especially since Wynonna had no idea that Doc would be able to save the day. He’s probably my favorite character on the show, so getting to see him do what he does best – be the wild west gunman – was just amazing.
Least Favorite: Allies turning to enemies. Rosita and the firemen – they could’ve at least used a couple of new helpers, although I enjoy Jeremy. And where was Kevin Hanchard? He was in two episodes this season, and totally wasted in both of them.

How about for the season?
Favorite: How Wynonna never gave up on Waverly and vice versa. Even when Waverly made that deal with the Iron Witch, losing her memory of her older sister. Even if they aren’t biological sisters, they are sisters at heart.
Least Favorite: I know it was necessary for Wynonna and Doc’s baby had to be taken out of town to protect her, but it was so sad to see how emotional Doc was over that decision. They (and we all) know it’s important to keep her safe, but so heartbreaking at the same time.
Leah: Favorite: Wynonna throwing down every single episode while being all of the pregnant and then always having to stop whatever badass thing she was doing to pee. Cracked me up.
Least Favorite: Now maybe I missed something but just because Waverly isn’t an Earp doesn’t make her not Wynonna’s sister. They still have the same mother. So every single time they beat that dead horse I thought, ummmm…..what? It really started to piss me off. Even if I did miss something and they don’t share a mother, blood isn’t the only way to be family.
Karen: Favorite: So hard to pick just one, but I think Doc getting his just desserts was fabulous. Finding out that Bobo was the one that trapped him in the well, and then putting *him* there to live out his days… Doc knows how to piss off a Revenant. Runner up? We got resolution on the Waverly/Doc’s baby thing. Neither of them are Revenants. Good.
Least favorite: The painting and the weird creepy doll. First of all, what was it about? It didn’t really fit in to the episode. It was just some weird painting from a guy with a devil’s tail, and then a stupid creepy doll that they killed at the uncomfortable “I need your ring” dinner. Didn’t work for me, and it was just strange.

What you thought about the “Mother” of a reveal at the end…
I wondered why they had the voice over of that other woman, making it clear that it was Wynonna’s mother, but to have Wynonna ride out of town and actually meet up with her “Mother” – that opens a whole new bag of what the hell?!? And, will Wynonna keep the truth about “Mother” quiet – since she’s been obviously keeping it quiet for how long?
Leah: It took me a few moments to remember that their Mom didn’t die, she just left. Apparently she didn’t go very far and if Wynonna knew this the whole time that isn’t going to go over very well at all.
Karen: Okay, why? I mean… Wynonna knows her mom is still alive? I’m so confused about this plot point. There must be a reason she’s hiding out, so I’m assuming that’ll be a major thing next season.

Things we must talk about:
: How about that exchange between Dolls and Nicole in the last scene? They stared straight at each other, as she looked at that file of dead bodies and that ring. What is that all about? Didn’t Nicole learn not to keep secrets after how badly keeping Waverly’s DNA test a secret [to a degree]? I am sure whatever that file is about and whatever significance the ring has to that file will be the next “big bad” for the show in season three. And, we get a season three – YAY!!!
Leah: The *moment* the ring fell to the ground at the end of The Widow fight I yelled, “PICK UP THE RING!” and most of the rest of the episode I kept saying, “Where is the ring? Who picked up the ring?” Dolls and Nicole are up to something and they better share with the class!
Karen: OMG I was doing the same thing as you Leah! I was so OCD about that ring. And then seeing Hawt with it at the end of the ep… DUDE! It better be a sub for Doc’s ring, amirite? And Rueben, I’m wondering WHY she kept the secret about Waverly. I mean, she might not be a full Earp, but what’s so terrible about it that she felt like she had to hide it from her? Also, like I said earlier, I hope we see Kevin Hanchard (Art from Orphan Black) in S3, because he’d be a great addition to this stellar cast.

WYNONNA EARP will be back in 2018 on Syfy

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