WYNONNA EARP: I See A Darkness

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Wynonna Earp is hurtling towards one hell of a showdown. This weeks episode started bad for our band of demon hunters and got worse. First of all Crazy Mercedes-face Widow bites Haught and by the end of the episode not only does Crazy Beth-face Widow have the third seal but Doc is back in the well and Wynonna has completely disappeared. As in no one even remembers she ever existed. This is a problem.

Let’s break it down shall we?

Haught, Waverly, The Widows and The Iron Witch
Mercedes-face Widow is desperate. Her powers are fading and she needs that third seal. The rings of her dead demon husband lead her to “the law”. Haught does not have the seal and when Waverly shows up they do a pretty good job fighting off Mercedes-face Widow. Not good enough though because she manages to bite Haught. You all remember what happened to Juan Carlos, right? This is bad.
Wynonna promises she will get the anti-venom. Waverly promises to wait. Except Waverly doesn’t wait. She gets an offer from Beth-face Widow. The seal in exchange for the anti-venom. Watching Haught get worse doesn’t sit well with Waverly who as luck would have it spots the sister of The Iron Witch. Said sister still seems to blame the Earp sisters for the death of her own sister, but agrees to help lead Waverly to the anti-venom in exchange for a favor later. This would be where I yelled at the TV asking Waverly what she was thinking. Waverly didn’t heed my warning though and instead agrees. Beth-faced Widow holds up her end and by the end of the episode Haught is right as rain.

Dolls & Jeremy & Rosita
Turns out Rosita is a Revenant. Something apparently EVERYONE (including Jeremy) knew and didn’t tell Wynonna. Now correct me if I’m wrong. The whole purpose of Peace Maker and this curse is to kill all Revenants. Period. Some of them are probably pretty nice after all of these years. Or tired and don’t have any fight left in them but that is the nature of the curse. No one felt it was at all important to mention this to Wynonna? Apparently not.
When she finds out she tells Rosita that since this won’t kill her they need her to test the Widow’s toxin in her blood until they find a cure for Haught.
Dolls meanwhile actually tells Waverly that she should take Beth-face Widow’s offer. Give her the third seal and they will figure it out later. SHAME ON DOLLS!

Wynonna & Doc & The Sheriff
The two of them spend the episode hunting down Mercedes-face Widow. They find her after she has kidnapped and tortured The Sheriff. He wins VIP of the episode for me. He held his own against a Widow all while making snarky remarks. Wynonna and Doc show up just in time to save him. Thank goodness.
Remember when I said The Iron Witch’s Sister asked for a favor? Well that favor is the use of the trophy our gang of demon hunters have confiscated from the local high school. The one that grants wishes at a terrible price. Her wish is that Waverly will have to live without her sister as she is having to live without hers.
Doc tries to stop her and poof! He is back in the well. Next thing you know Wynonna is talking to Dolls and then she isn’t. She is just gone and no one remembers she was ever there. She never existed to any of them.

Things I Need Explained
1. Black Badge doesn’t employ them anymore yet Wynonna and Waverly and Doc still answer to Dolls. Who pays them? Why don’t they just do their own thing? Is Dolls still a US Marshall?

2. If Wynonna died a few episodes back and that brought Bo Bo back, did it bring all of the Revenants back? Does that include her possible baby daddy?

3. Can we get some sort of definition on Dolls and Wynonna’s relationship? It’s weird. They are sort of flirty. Or he is sort of flirty but then he acts like her boss or….I need some definition.

4. If Wyatt doesn’t have his ring, since Waverly gave it to Beth-face Widow when she breaks it will he be immediately his actual age? Have tuberculosis again?

5. Secrets are a part of any TV show. You have to have drama but COME ON. Waverly didn’t trust Wynonna to get the anti-venom? She not only gave Beth-face Widow the seal but she didn’t immediately tell Wynonna so she could prepare? Dolls feels it was a good plan but also doesn’t mention it to Wynonna?

WYNONNA EARP airs Friday 10/9c on Syfy

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