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Comic Con 2017: Psych Is Having (“Wait foriiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt”) a Reunion Movie

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The series finale of the long-running USA Network series Psych aired on March 26, 2014; and three years later nearly all of the original cast members as well as the creative minds behind the comedy-mystery drama about a fake psychic detective returned to the Comic Con stage to talk about the much-anticipated reunion movie that will air this December.

And what is the best way to start off that panel? With a hysterical video, featuring leads James Roday and Dule Hill getting in shape for the reunion movie. Check out that video below:

The panel was moderated by Psych recurring guest star actor Jimmi Simpson, who introduced the panelists: James Roday, Dule Hill, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson and Corbin Bernsen and executive producers Steve Franks, Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchak. Sadly, series regular Tim Omundson was unable to attend due to suffering a stroke earlier this year; but that didn’t stop the panelists from insisting we record a message to him. Of course, the packed Ballroom 20 audience were recorded while shouting, “Suck it, Tim.” [On a more serious note, everyone wished him well in his recovery.] To brighten the mood, series creator Steve Franks shared that” I want to make six Psych movies” and it’s was the hope of many in the audience that that statement is actually true.

The conversation then turned to each cast member talking about where their characters are three years later:

• Corbin joked that “Henry is twice as hip as Shawn”
• Kirsten shared that Vick is now running the San Francisco Police Department, stating “she’s pretty bad ass”
• Maggie stated that “Jules is learning something (new) about herself [by being in San Francisco]
• Dule shared that “Gus is thriving; wherever Shawn and Jules are that is (home for) Gus”
• James joked that “Shawn makes countless mistakes, but he’s made a few steps forward, not emotionally, but (a few) steps forward.”

It was then that the audience was given a sneak peek at the first eight minutes of the holiday movie that [without spoiling anything] finds Shawn on a new case, getting in trouble yet again and running to Gus. Steve then shared that he directed the new, holiday movie and it was “the best experience I’ve had in my professional life.”

There was plenty of time for audience questions and among the better questions posed to the panelists were:

• Was the pineapple in every episode intentional? Steve shared that it was “a total accident” that they didn’t discover “until Season 6”. It seemed the pineapple was a “little game (their) art department was playing on them” and it ended up being a long con that paid off in the end.

• What was it like getting back into character?
Dule: “(It was) surprisingly easy; and having the original crew helped.”
Corbin: “(Henry) is all new, a modified Henry, Henry 2.0”
Kirsten: “(Once I) put the suit and heels on, (I was) back in”
Maggie: “I was a little rusty,” especially running in heels.

• Will there be any singing in the movie? Steve shared that “more than one panelist will do some singing in the movie.”

Before the panel came to an end, though, the audience and panelists did a sing-along to the show’s theme song filled with the excitement that the Psych holiday movie will air on the USA Network this December.

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