Wynonna Earp Recap: “No Future in the Past”

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Here is the official synopsis of Friday night’s new episode of Wynonna Earp:

Wynonna has an opportunity to discover the origins of the Earp curse while her team works to save the future.

Who Rescued Who

When Waverly Earp was a little girl, she fell through the ice in the nearby pond, but she claimed that older sister Wynonna rescued her. But as we saw in one of the final scenes, it wasn’t Wynonna but demon Bobo who pulled her from the watery depths. Why would Waverly say that Wynonna saved her? Is there a deeper meaning behind that little white lie that I’m just not seeing?

Not So Merry Widows

These not so merry widows (okay so that may not be an accurate title for the “Ladies in Black,” but that’s what I see them as) aimed their ire at mysterious Juan Carlos, taking a bite out of him – literally – before devouring him. Eww!!! The only saving grace in his needless death was that Dolls was able to take him out of his misery.

Taking a Vision Quest

While it seemed that Wynonna had time travelled back to the origins of the curse on the Earp family, Juan Carlos explained to Dolls that she was actually on a vision quest to not only learn the truth about the curse but also to learn that the third seal needed by the “merry widows” is actually Doc’s ring. This is not going to end well at all!

Play Nice with the Earp Sisters

Doc told his new lover Rosita that she should play nice with the Earp sisters not just because Wynonna might be carrying his child (although that seemed really unlikely given the events of last week’s episode) but also because if something were to happen to him [which given the importance the ring he wears is to the “merry widows” his life is in danger!], Rosita is going to need people in her corner: who better than the Earp sisters.

The Momentary Death of Wynonna Earp

Dolls got Wynonna out of that burning chapel just in the nick of time, but she was technically dead even if it was only momentary. So does that mean that with her “death,” the revenants that she put an end to, get to come back from hell, right? It would seem that at least Bobo gets to come back since he was seen rising out of the frozen, snowy ground. What wrath will Bobo wreak on Purgatory now; and will more revenants be coming back too? Let’s hope not!!

DNA Results

Is Waverly an Earp or not? That is the question. Unfortunately, Waverly’s girlfriend/lover, Office Nicole Haught, had the results; in fact, she seemed to be keeping them from Waverly. Why?! Once Waverly discovered Nicole had been hiding the results from her, she stormed out of Wynonna’s failed baby shower, seeking refuge at the frozen-over pond. Her reaction over the results certainly had me concerned. What about you?

What are your thoughts about Wynonna’s vision quest, Rosita trying to make nice with the girls and what are the results of Waverly’s DNA result? Please share your comments below. The next new episode of Wynonna Earp will air on Syfy on Friday, August 4 at 10/9c.

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