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Comic Con 2017: Highlights of the Con

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The 2017 San Diego Comic Con was held from July 20 through July 23 and out of the over 20 panels for which I was able to attend during the 4-day event, the following are highlights from just some of those panels:


The Freeform sci-fi series made its debut at Comic Con this year [although they did appear at WonderCon in Los Angeles last year] and I learned that:

• Kyle Harris, who plays Cameron Goodkin, is actually best friends with Grant Gustin (The Flash himself), but despite Kyle’s theatrical background, there will not be a musical episode of Stitchers even though executive producer and series creator Jeff Schechter has been pushing for it;
• Given the backgrounds of each member of the Stitchers team, it was joked that perhaps Maggie Baptiste (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) should have done a better job of vetting the team members;
• The water in the tank for which Kirsten soaks herself in for every stitch is actually a balmy 97 or 98 degrees, but Emma Ishta (who plays Kirsten) joked that fans wouldn’t want to know what she finds floating in that water sometimes; and,
• Kyle does not in any way know the movie quotes the way that Cameron does; in fact, he is stumped by many of them.

A new episode of Stitchers will air on Freeform on Monday, July 31 at 9/8c.


The USA Network futuristic drama will return for a third season next year and while the creative minds behind the show were tight-mouthed on spoilers, they did at least give us a “refresher” video of what took place last season. They also shared that viewers will see more of oldest Bowman son Bram in the new season, there will 13 episodes in season three and we might finally learn what the Gauntlet does and more about the aliens.

An official airdate has yet to be announced for the third season of Colony by the USA Network.


Not only was an amazing teaser for the fourth and final season of the time-traveling Syfy drama screened before the cast took to the stage for their last Comic Con appearance, but also when asked what it was like to learn that her character Olivia is the witness, cast member Alisen Down became very emotional. She shared that it was “overwhelming to know that Terry Matalas (series creator and executive producer) and his team put that much faith” in her to play that important of a character.

Terry shared that “your answers are coming; we will not leave anything dangling” in the final season; Amanda keeps copious notes on the show and the other cast members joked that they go to her when they need help remembering specific details on past episodes; the primaries will play a very big part of the final season and the final season will find them traveling to not only the Old West but also Medieval Times.

12 Monkeys will air its final season sometime in 2018.


Say what you will about this over-the-top, wacky demon-chasing Syfy series, but the fans LOVE the show and its cast; the cast LOVES their fans and the cast members LOVE working with each other. The entire hour-long panel was like one big lovefest between the panelists and audience. It was also exciting to watch the exuberant fans learn the news – before anyone else – that a third season renewal was given to the show.

Katherine Barrell, who plays Office Nicole Haught, admitted that she “gets nervous when she acts with Melanie” (Scrofano who plays Wynonna); Dominique Provost-Chalkley, who plays Waverly Earp, not only filmed the singing scene and the cheerleader-dance number but also the scene where Waverly lost her hand ALL in one week and comic book creator Beau Smith calls Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday himself) “Sensitive Sally.”

Lastly, the cast were asked what they value the most in their characters with Nicole saying honesty; Tim saying loyalty; Shamier saying partnership; Tamara and Dominique saying love.

The next new episode of Wynonna Earp will air on Syfy this Friday, July 28 at 10/9c.

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