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Comic Con 2017: Outlander Returns

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After an absence at Comic Con last year, the cast and creative minds of Outlander, the worldwide hit series based on the internationally acclaimed novels by author Diana Gabaldon, returned to the stage in Ballroom 20 to talk about the show’s highly anticipated season three premiere set for September 10 on Starz.

The cast members who were part of the panel included Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin; and the creative minds included Ronald D. Moore, Maril Davis and Diana Gabaldon.

The moderator of the panel was actress-dancer Jenna Dewan Tatum (of Step Up fame and host of the ABC dance series World of Dance), who claimed she is a ‘big’ fan of the show, watching “The Wedding” episode of Outlander at least “5 or 6 times.” I hate to break it to you Jenna, but the fans (myself included) have probably watched that one particular episode hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

Here are my 25 reactions to what was shared during the panel (that seemed far too short):

1. I can never get enough of seeing the trailer for season 3 – thank you for showing it again!
2. Another overview from Ron about what to expect in season 3 – that was for the few folks, at this point, who haven’t read the books, right?!
3. Cool, they used the Black Sails sets in South Africa (the pirate-themed drama that aired on Starz and came to an end just in time for Outlander to benefit from their sets – ironic much?)
4. The cast and crew of Outlander were in South Africa for nearly four months filming
5. I love that Maril joked about it being “really hard” to go from filming in Scotland to South Africa. Given how much it rains in Scotland, it must have been a delight to see so much sun in South Africa.
6. Diana will NOT be writing any episodes for season three, but she did get to visit the set in South Africa during filming of season three.
7. Tobias shared it was “wonderful” to “unpack the life of Claire and Frank in Boston.”
8. We will get to see the Battle of Culloden – mostly from Jamie’s point of view – in the season premiere [more on that shortly].
9. Richard shared that “there was a lot of material to go off of” in order to play his character Roger, but he still “dug into being a historian” and he “threw himself into (the part).”
10. Sophie shared that she actually auditioned for the show back in 2014, and did study Sam and Cait [as Jamie and Claire] in order to learn their mannerisms. She also admitted that she watched season one on repeat.
11. Sam and Cait joked that they “aged very well” and joked that there were “a lot of wigs,” but that they had an “incredible hair and make-up” team taking care of them.
12. Sam shared that “it’s more about the experience than the aging” when asked about how his character Jamie had to deal with grief and forging forward with Claire.
13. The print shop scene – [SPOILER ALERT!!! where Claire and Jamie are reunited when she travels back in time] was discussed with Sam and Cait sharing that the script was written by Matt Roberts, but they didn’t elaborate on what viewers will actually see.
14. Jenna came up with a ‘game’ for the panelists to play called “Truth or Dance” [groan! – that reminds me too much of the drinking game Kristin dos Santos from E! Entertainment did at the Paley Fest panel for the show] – and to be honest I think the cast played along just to play along. Frankly, I could have done without the dancing, but I figure Jenna wanted to show off and have a chance to be held in the arms of the cast. It would’ve been nice to just let them TALK about the show, thank you very much.
15. Audience questions were short with only three people getting to ask anything – what gives?
16. This is where it gets – AWESOME!
17. Instead of showing the season three trailer again, as it looks like the panel is coming to an end much too quickly, Ron announces that we are getting to see the season three premiere.
18. WE GET TO SEE THE SEASON THREE PREMIERE!!!! [Slight Spoilers Ahead!!!]
19. I’m crying over the battle scenes…
20. I’m crying over the Boston scenes with Claire and Frank…
21. I’m crying over Jamie and the survivors of the Battle of Culloden…
22. I’m angry at someone at Harvard University because he is talking down to Claire as if she’s nothing more than the “little lady” at home…
23. A new arrival makes an appearance, and I’m crying even more…
25. I float out of Ballroom 20 – after spending eight straight hours in that room – on a high because WE GOT TO SEE THE SEASON THREE PREMIERE OF OUTLANDER!!!

Season 3 of Outlander will premiere on Starz on Sunday, September 10 at 8/7c.

NOTE: To help with Droughtlander – the time fans wait to see new episodes of the show – how about these great pictures from the folks at Entertainment Weekly, taken of the cast members during Comic Con. Enjoy!

[Photo Credit: Matthias Clamer]

And, here are two newer promotional pictures from Starz for Season 3:

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