Hallmark Mysteries & Movies Present: ‘Home For Christmas Day’ [Recap]

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It’s Christmas in July! I have to admit that it felt a little strange watching this movie with my air conditioner on full blast while enjoying a tall glass of iced tea (sweetened of course because I am in the south). Although there were no signs of Christmas outside, I definitely felt the Christmas spirit watching Home For Christmas Day. Catherine Bell (Star of Hallmark’s Good Witch) executive produces and stars along with Victor Webster (“The Lot”, “Mutant X”) and other Hallmark stars Matreya Fedor (“Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove”) and Anthony Konechny (“When Calls the Heart”).  This movie touched on relationsips, taking chances on love and matters of the heart. The cast was great and I enjoyed the movie. Warning!You will most likely needto break out the tissues and spoilers ahead!

Jane McKendrick (Bell) is a single mother to a teenage daughter Betsy (Fedor) that she wants to protect from the harsh realities of life. Betsy worked in the local diner and Tyler (Konechny), a handsome soldier came in and sat down. They had instant chemistry and started to hang out. Betsy kept her new relationship from her mom. When Jane found out, being the overprotective mom she is, she didn’t like it. Jane and Betsy were close, so finding out that her daughter was lying to her about her whereabouts over a boy, she was not happy. And when she found out he was in the Army, she really wasn’t happy. She tried to convince Betsy that she had more important things to focus on (like veterinary school), but it was too late. Betsy was falling hard for Tyler (who could blame her, he was so nice and super cute).

As Betsy and Tyler got closer, Tyler found out that he was going to be shipped out. Jane tried to tell Betsy that it would be so much easier if she broke it off before she got any deeper into the relationship, but Betsy was smitten and there was no talking her out of it. She just wanted to enjoy her time with Tyler until he left.

Jane wanted her daughter to be happy but desperately wanted to protect her from the heartache that she knew would happen as a result of the relationship with Tyler. Jane went through a similar situation with Betsy’s dad who was killed while on active duty and she never got over losing him. That was the last thing she wanted her daughter to experience, but she has to let her live her own life.

Jackson (webster) tried to tell Jane that Betsy would be alright and Tyler was harmless, but Jane disagreed. Jane has a great friendship with Jackson (Webster) (who is a love interest for her) but she is hesitant to move forward with him becasue of her fear of being hurt. They also have great chemistry and you really root for them as a couple during the movie.

Tyler shipped out and Betsy was sad but tried to be strong. They did a video chat and Tyler attempted to be in the Christmas spirit by wearing a Santa hat. He said it was important for them to be as normal as possible. He told her that they would be off the grid for awhile and he didn’t know when he’d be able to speak to her again. He told her that he would call as soon as he was able too and wished her good luck at her Christmas choir concert that was that evening. Before they could say a proper goodbye, the screen got fuzzy and they lost the connection. That was the end of their call and Betsy cried.

Jane came into Betsy’s room to find her in tears after her call from Tyler. She told her mom that it was so hard and Jane just held her while she cried. At this moment is when I realized that this movie was not going to be all Christmas cookies and Santa Claus. It was dealing with real world problems that many families deal with every year and it really hit a nerve. This was a great scene and so well done.

Betsy was on stage at her concert and before they started, they did a tribute to all of the soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice. They started calling names one by one and then they said Tyler’s name. Betsy froze in shock and ran off of the stage crying. No! I want some happy Christmas cheer, not sadness! Hallmark what are you doing to me? Needless to say I had to break out the tissues. Betsy cried so hard and Jane consoled her (another great scene).

Betsy now had to deal with the harsh reality of life, death and love. She told her mother  that she was right. Love wasn’t worth the pain she felt. Jane then realized that she had passed her fear of being hurt on to her daughter and she told Jane that she was wrong. Being in love was absolutely worth it. Taking a chance on love doesn’t always end in heartache. She continued to console her daughter as they prepared for Christmas.

They had some friends over and Betsy was looking out of the window and she yelled for her Mom. She had a look of shock on her face. She open the door and Tyler was on crutches and came in. Everyone was shocked. He said he got banged up pretty bad and there was a mix up with him and another soldiers records. He was alive and made it home for Christmas. Betsy fell into his arms and that was truly the ultimate Christmas gift.

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Also, did you love Betsy’s holiday sweater? I did! It’s called a Cowichan. Click here for a little background on that sweater.

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