Wynonna Earp Recap: “Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers”

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Here is the official synopsis of Friday night’s new episode of Wynonna Earp:

A furious thunder-snowstorm makes landfall while Wynonna and Waverly are forced to confront their demons — and each other.

It’s a Beautiful Morning

The morning after the demon that’s been possessing poor Waverly since the takedown of eldest sister Willa took over our demon-hunter Wynonna, it’s a beautiful morning for a very horrible looking milkshake. A dead rat and a blender are never meant to mix. Gross!!

What’s New Pussy Cat

Hey look, Doc’s got a new shiny red car! Do you like it better than that land yacht he was driving around last season?

Dolls To the Rescue

Just in time to rescue Waverly from being tied up by the demon inside Wynonna, Dolls showed up – but why didn’t he simply untie her once he realized she wasn’t possessed anymore? Really?! C’mon, Dolls.

Lucado Bites the Dust

First we found out that Lucado can actually hold her on, delivering a beat down on Dolls – he was a wanted man by Lucado and Black Badge after all – but her demise was unexpected, gross and just EWWW! Am I right?!! That was just disgusting.

That raises the question of what now? Lucado is dead and as we learned at the end of the episode the headquarters of Black Badge has been wiped clean. What is going on?!

Demon-Hunting Fireman

Hey Fellow Roswellians: Brendan Fehr guest starred in this episode, appearing as a demon-hunting fireman. It gives an all new meaning to putting out fires, right? How come we never knew about “The Order” – the secret group of demon hunters in Purgatory – before? And more so, will we be seeing them again?

Watch the Bouncing Demon

In order to put an end to the demon, Waverly forced it out of Wynonna’s body and back into her own body – how else was the Peacemaker gonna be used to kill it? And thank God, Wynonna was able to force the demon out of Waverly long enough to lay waste to it with her supernatural-powered gun.

Who’s The Daddy

Oh man, oh man, oh man. Wynonna is pregnant?! Say what?!! Did anyone else see that coming until Waverly handed Wy that brown paper bag? I sure didn’t. So, who’s the daddy? Doc?! I don’t believe Wynonna has been with anyone else. How is that all going to turn out?

What do you think of the events that took place in Friday night’s new episode? Please share your comments below. The next new episode of Wynonna Earp will air on Syfy on Friday, July 14 at 10/9c.

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