WYNONNA EARP Recap: She Ain’t Right

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Wynonna Earp is the most bad ass show on TV, right? Dolls is otherworldly, Waverly isn’t quite right and Wynonna and Doc are just hilarious and kick ass.

Doc and His Chemist
First off what is she wearing? Is that approved working around chemical clothes? No. No it is not. However, with the help of Jeremy they get it together and have a working serum for Dolls.

He’s baaaaack! Now I don’t know what kind of powers he had before but as of now he breathes fire. Fun, right?

Wynonna and Waverly
Wynonna finally realizes something is wrong with Waverly and after asking her about it Waverly confirms the goo called to her. After some undercover work goes awry Waverly’s demon decides she would rather be in Wynonna. A kiss here and a breath there and the transfer is made. This can’t be good.

The Gardners
What a messed up family. The sisters have had their faces ripped off and they are being worn by our ghosts from last episode. Yeah, you read that right. And here I thought the brother was the creepy one. Well, he is creepy but more in a human bad way, not in a soulless beasty kind of way.

Funniest Parts/Thoughts:
Doc still being attractive while uttering, “Thunderation!”
Wynonna offering to build Dolls a terrarium if he turns into a lizard.
Dolls telling Doc he looks really small without his hat.

WYNONNA EARP airs Friday 10/9c on SYFY

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