ALL the BEST One Liners from KILLJOYS S3 Premiere!

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Killjoys  season three kicked off tonight with a bang! Truly this series seems to be gaining momentum as it goes along. If you are a fan of the show the first episode  proved show creator, Michelle Lovretta and the writers, recognize what fans love most and serve it up in beautiful linguistic fashion!

In honor of the sassy, sensational, sometimes sentimental and often smutty dialogue, I felt compelled to make a list of my favorites separated by the four S’s!  Enjoy!


Pree – This better be worth the chafing!

D’Avin – It’s not like Murder murder

Pree – Whoa! Aren’t you just full of shit and sunshine.

D’Avin – Don’t take your haircut out on me!

Turin – With what? Your amazing cheekbones?

D’Avin – If he pees on the floor Lucy’s gonna be so mad!

Johnny – Collect the whole set and you have a bunch of bad ass superheroes

Yogi – Oh I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear your moral superiority over my friends stolen arm.

Johnny – PS: You people are very hateful

Dutch – If you’re playing us I’ll buy a pet dog just to feed at your face

Ollii- You could pick something less ouchie.

Johnny – Goodnight small complicated lady who’s-name-I-should-know.

Olli –But I just got here. I have unused coupons.

Johnny – Uh Oh. where’s your face?

Lucy – Consider the bitch bombed.


Fancy – Stun boomerang: Motion sensitive. Patent pending

 Johnny – I am the greatest man that ever lived!

Olli –Some truths just need the dark.

Dutch – Do you believe in monsters?

Dutch – If I’m honest it’s the monsters that make the story because heroes are nothing till they know who to fight.

Dutch – What if you can’t see the monsters around you. What if they infiltrated your friends, your family, your RAK without you even knowing? What if the monsters looked just like you?

Dutch – Oh you misunderstood. You are not the monster. I am.

Dutch – Humanity may be weak or more impulsive, but we sure as shit don’t like to loose!


Johnny – We’re all gonna be okay.

Dutch – whatever I get you into. I promise to get you out.

Johnny – Miss you first

Dutch – Miss you most


D’Avin – Don’t make me get all pokey!
Turin – How are you two with intense heat and unnecessary nudity?|
Dutch –
Eeew! Where were you hiding that?
Dutch – Keep your chakras in your pants!
D’Avin – Well that was about as much fun as a square circle- jerk!

Killjoys airs every Friday at 8pm only on Syfy!
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