WYNONNA EARP Roundtable: Steel Bars and Stone Walls

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Wynonna is back! Could not be more excited about that! Season 2 takes place immediately after the end of Season 1. The team bands together to attempt a rescue of Dolls from Black Badge. Let’s see what we thought, shall we?

What do you think Waverly is?
Rueben: Gosh, that was a twist at the end of last season I wasn’t expecting, right?! I was so worried at the opening of the premiere that she was gonna be all dark, pitting Wynonna against her immediately. I’m glad I was wrong on that summation, but she’s obviously some kind of demon. It seems she can turn it on and off instantaneously too, but will she be able to continue controlling it, is the bigger question. My fear is that whatever is “part” of her now will keep taking over to the point where she can’t seemingly control it and Wynonna has to aim her gun at her…GASP!
Karen: I’m seeing a lot of speculation on this, and whether she even knows she’s possessed. All I know is that I like that it helped our heroes in this episode, and I hope it continues to do so – even if it’s only temporarily benign. I’m kinda digging the super badass Waverly.

Black Badge is “running” things now…I don’t really understand their role, maybe I’m not supposed to get. Thoughts?
Rueben: I don’t trust that organization at all, and am really worried about what they will make Wynonna and the team do. I don’t really get what they are all about, either, or what their end game could be; but it sure was interesting to see Kevin Hanchard (Art from Orphan Black) is in charge, that will be very interesting to see how that plays out.
Karen: I was fangirling when I saw Kevin come down those stairs. He’s so underrated on OB, and it’s great to see him in another show in a wholly different character. The only person I’ve ever trusted from BB has been Dolls, so I’m not on-board with the blood pact thing. “It’s how it’s always been done” is not an excuse. I enjoyed seeing Doc smear his print, a final act of defiance before they left the black site.

Was that Rachel Skarsten? I was bummed to see her not make it through the episode….do you think that will stick? Hopefully she will be back.
Rueben: That sure was Rachel! And I agree that it seemed so unfair to give her such a big introduction – how often that fight scene with Wynonna – only to have her life ended so harshly (or least they made it seem that way). She and Dolls obviously shared the same affliction; if only they would explain what that is too. I have a feeling that in that world dead isn’t dead for long; maybe that could even be part of their affliction?? Who knows, right?
Karen: The showrunners have said that she’s dead. No cagey answer, just that she’s dead. I’m bummed too. The fight scene in Dolls’ room was really great, and she could’ve been a huge asset to the team since she knew Dolls so well.

Favorite character? Best interaction?
Rueben: Favorite character: Every scene with Doc was pretty great especially everyone’s reaction to his hat being MIA. He did look a bit naked without it, huh? He is a good ole boy (as they used to say) even if he’s a bit rough around the edges. I think he just adds so much to the show. Best interaction: Again, that fight between Eliza and Wynonna was pretty impressive; but it was the comic reaction by that security guard to Wynonna and Doc showing up smelling like “sh*t” that was pretty priceless.
Karen: Oh man, Doc missing his hat was priceless. I liked when he tried to tip it and looked incredibly forlorned. I’m hoping he finds a new one quickly. There’s nothing like Tim Rozon in a cowboy hat. /rawr. Beyond the comedy provided by Mr. Holliday, I loved that he’s grown so much since the first time he showed up. He was willing to sacrifice himself to get Dolls out of “jail”. Unstable dynamite would NOT have been a pleasant way to go.

P.S. love the new lab guy. He should be fun comic relief.
Rueben: He was pretty funny, wasn’t he? I guess we’ll find out soon enough if he shows up again, which is more than possible since the team had to sign in blood with Black Badge.
Karen: It looks like Jeremy (Varun Saranga) most likely be back since he was forced to sign, and he got pointed at by Moody as part of the “team”. He didn’t leave the facility with them, but Black Badgers have transports. He was SO not interested in what Waverly was selling, and it’ll be interesting to see how he fits in. Jeremy’s already only grudgingly helping, and now probably even more so. (less so?) Cue sandpaper.

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