American Gods gives us Amazing Lessons from the Life of Essie McGowan

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Once again American Gods serves up another beautifully crafted tale. This week we were given many answers via the newest installment of  ‘Coming to America’ in the life of Essie McGowan (Emily Browning). Her story provides relevant instruction
in real life.

1. Never underestimate the power of belief.

Essie learned to believe from a very young age from her Grandmother. “It was she who kept alive the old practice. And, she who told the tales.” That faith, her belief, was so strong it not only shaped her existence, but the lives of everyone around her.

“They believed because she believed.” You may never know who’s story you help shape, but change it you will. Her life joined with just a few others actually created the fairy folk. That’s some powerful stuff indeed!

2. Own your mistakes and wear them like the badge of honor they are.

“Her world branded Essie McGowan a thief. So a thief she became.” Our ginger haired maven was far from perfect and learned early on to embrace her faults in tandem with her talents. This acceptance provided something we all need. The courage to survive and even thrive in spite of massive failure.

3. Take hold of your own life with both hands.

“Malice draped in pretty can get away with murder. Essie McGowan had no incline to murder, but she had long since stopped thinking theft as sin.” Yes, Essie’s living was not honest but she knew “The world don’t operate on right.”

Never were truer words spoken. We are not guaranteed fairness along the journey. Life is too precious to spend it by the rules of others. It is far better to fail in the attempt of your dreams than to live an unrealized life.

4. Gratefulness always pays off.

Although she faltered a few times, the practice of saying ‘Thank you’ is immeasurably beneficial. “There were good days and there were bad in the usual balance, but there were many.” At the close of those days may we all be so blessed to be escorted out of this life into the next by our own dark leprechaun.

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