Lucifer Roundtable: “The Good, The Bad, and the Crispy”

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Lucifer’s Nice Girls Roundtable gals want to talk about the finale, so let’s do some “yes and“ing!

Apparently, last week’s mention of Dan’s improv group was a chekhov’s gun. Amenadiel picked it up and ran with it in order to work out some of his issues. Why do you think he decided to use emoting to thirty actors instead of talking to Dr. Linda?

Melissa: Maybe he needed the anonymity of thirty strangers versus Dr. Linda who knows who/what he really is?

Lisa: True. Also, it’s not that weird to scream about “killing your Dad” or using the sword in an improv class. He fit right in with the other weirdos (I can say that because I’m an actor. lol).:

Cay: Maybe he figures Dan’s got all kinds of issues, and if improv worked for him? I feel like he is trying to get the “human experience” as much as he can. Plus, I don’t know what his relationship with Dr. Linda is like these days. Obviously she’s the only moral on earth who really knows his deal, but he violated her trust so strongly when they first met.

Mynda: Considering his past with Dr. Linda paired with his brother issues it makes sense that he went his own way.

Karen: I think you have a good point Cay. He may be trying to figure out why Lucifer likes it so much on Earth. He’s slowly coming to the realization that there’s more for him on terra firma than there is for him in Heaven, and “fitting in” is something he has yet to master. He obviously cares for Dr. Linda as is evidenced by the end of the episode, but we haven’t seen real interaction between them for a while.

Speaking of Dr. Linda… She interacted with Charlotte a few times this week and wasn’t left unscathed. With that and the investigation into her license, she’s got an uncertain future. What are your thoughts?

Melissa: She really took the brunt of it this week, huh? I mean, aside from the people who were burnt to a crisp. So glad she’s going to be OK, and that she and Lucifer had a moment to make things right between them. See, he’s learning. I suspect Dr. Linda will be instrumental in bringing Lucifer back from whatever plane he’s on at the end of the season.

Lisa: I felt so bad for Dr. Linda! And the look on Maze’s face when she thought she was dying was heartbreaking! I’m so glad she is going to pull through. I agree with Mel. I think she is going to be a key player in finding Luci and bringing home.

Mynda: I predict she will not lose her license….but the path there will be an adventure. Dr. Linda is such a central figure I cannot imagine the series without her presence.

Cay: I can’t believe that Charlotte hurt her – what an evil thing to do when Linda has treated her quite well – even helped her duct tape her wound up. I really didn’t understand why she hurt her other than they needed someone to hurt her for the drama.

Karen: So not happy with Charlotte for that business with the torture. I mentioned last week that she didn’t value human life, but Dr. Linda? She’s always been there when Charlotte needed her, although sometimes she had to temper her participation when Charlotte’s “plan” or suggestion was darker than Linda could go. I’m really glad she’s going to be okay, and hoping she’ll have a big part in Season 3. She’s one of the major players, and the conscience of the show.

We got a really cute scene with Trixie, which was nice to have in the Season Finale. How do you feel about Maze and Lucifer talking openly about their situation in front of her?

Melissa: It was rather selfish of them, not thinking about how their conversation might impact that little girl. Not unsurprising, given who they are, but still selfish. Considering Trixie assumed they were speaking in code, I think it worked out OK.

Lisa: I thought it was funny that Trixie said “I can handle adult stuff, you don’t have to talk in code.” She is so smart! It didn’t really bother me since Trixie was so focused on playing doctor, but if probably wasn’t the smartest idea.

Cay: I kind of worry that Trixie hears way too much “adult conversation” and she’s gotten kind of robbed of her childhood between Dan and Chloe splitting up, moving into the apartment with Maze, Chloe nearly dying, etc. It was a cute scene, but I just wanted to get her out of that situation and let her remain innocent for as long as possible.

Mynda: I feel there is a storyline coming our way centering around Trixie and all the “stuff” she has been though. It has come up several times this season and I feel the writers are prepping us for what’s coming.

Karen: I know it’s a TV show, but I’m oddly protective of Trixie, and that scene was adorable and scary at the same time. It concerned me that she was even aware of them talking strangely in front of her. She still seems innocent in the face of the weirdness around her, but I think there will come a reckoning soon. She’s already faced some of her issues when it comes to her fear of loss, and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it.

Lucifer’s plan was to put his mother in charge of Hell. Do you think that’s where she went?

Melissa: No, he sent her to a void where she could create her own world. “Let there be light” meaning “go create.” The question is, did she create the desert where Lucifer was dumped?

Lisa: Oohh. I hadn’t thought of that Mel. I have no idea where Mama Morningstar is but I don’t think it’s hell and that’s the last of her. I think we will see her again next season.

Cay: Yeah, they were kind of vague on exactly what that sword was cutting open. They alluded to Heaven before, but then they also discussed Hell. And the whole final scene with Luci was anything but a coincidence, I’m sure.

Mynda: I agree with Mel. That was my take on the whole situation as well. The ‘Let there be light” was a Biblical Genesis reference. Genesis 1:3

Karen: I agree with all of you. I think he would love it if she’d gone back to Hell, but I figure he knew that wasn’t where he sent her. However, I don’t think that has anything to do with where he went. The scene where he was knocked out came after his mum was already gone. I don’t have ideas yet on the wings, but it’s AMAZING that he has them back.

And again, we get a Finale where Lucifer is about to come clean to Chloe but is subverted. We see he’s in a desert somewhere, but wow – what on earth (or Heaven) happened to him that gave him wings again? And how is Chloe coping with another disappearing act?

Melissa: Back up – DOES CHLOE ALREADY KNOW?!? At the pier she told Lucifer that she knows who he is, who he really is, and that she will forgive him for what he’s done. Has she known but played dumb in hopes that he would come clean on his own? As for where Lucifer is at the end of the season, that’s not our Earth. I think he’s wherever the goddess went, whatever world she created, and her creation energy grew his wings back. It didn’t protect his skin, but at least he has his wings.

Lisa: I got the feeling Chloe knew too after her speech on the pier. I just hate that there was another diversion. I’m so ready for him to tell her so we are 100% she knows.

Cay: As much as it pains me, I think who she thinks he is isn’t who he actually is. But maybe I’m wrong…but if she really did figure it out after all of this, I would expect a bigger reaction than “I know who you are”. Remember Dr. Linda’s reaction? And Lucifer never told her anything but the truth all along, she just thought it was metaphor, or that he had a screw or two loose.

Mynda: At this point, it’s gonna take A LOT for me to actually care about Chloe anymore. She is either actually that stupid, or willfully ignorant.

Karen: I don’t think she knows (unless it’s unconsciously) that he’s The Devil. I mean, why didn’t she just say it when she was alluding to knowing who he was? I think she meant she knew him in a more general way – like what kind of man he is. It’s dumb at this point that she’s not “in on the gag,” so they’ve gotta go there really quick when the show comes back in the fall or the story’s gonna stagnate.

Looks like Amenadiel got his powers back (times a million) as well. What happened there? Was the situation with Maze & Dr. Linda what caused them to come back?

Melissa: He had to dig deep to access his powers, and it looked like he was working hard to maintain the effect. My guess is that Maze’s emotional plea to him to help her save Dr. Linda gave him the strength and determination to call up whatever powers he had left. I’d forgotten he had the power to slow time until right before he did it.

Lisa: I totally forgot he had that power too. He was struggling to use his power and I think that look in Maze’s eyes when she thought Dr. Linda was dying definitely triggered it for him.

Cay: Maybe the block on his powers was more psychological than physical? It did appear like he put a lot of effort into it, but then again, the effect was much more wide-ranging than usual – it covered a lot of ground.

Mynda: I’m with Cay the block was one of his own making and his breakthrough was a healing of that rift.

Karen: Well, God was back for a little bit – did he help bolster things on Earth? Was it a culmination of many things? God, The Key, his bond with Lucifer getting stronger, Maze & Dr. Linda, making a decision about His Mother, pressure of the moment… who knows? All I know is that it was back and just in time to save everyone. He really comes through in the clutch, doesn’t he?


Melissa: Tom Ellis was outstanding this week. He hit comedic beats and emotional anguish, and made it look easy. His growing desperation when the goddess had Chloe reminded me just how much he cares about the detective, how much he’s been suppressing over the past months, which I feel has been a missing element during the second half of the season.

Lisa: Everyone gave such great performances this week but I’ve got to go with Maze. Seeing her show true concern for Dr. Linda got me. She sold it. What a great season finale.

Cay:  If it turns out the Chloe actually figured out Luci’s deal, then Lauren German deserves it all. Tricia Helfer was great playing Charlotte as she swung back and forth from sympathetic to a bit of the stereotypically bragging villain.

Mynda: Amenadiel hands down in my book. The guy totally earned it! He deserves some credit.

Karen: I agree with you Lisa. Everyone was amazing. The guys this week brought it though. Tom Ellis and D.B. Woodside gave their all with their gut-wrenching scenes.

Favorite lines or Scenes?

Lisa: Hands down Trixie’s line about “Wussies don’t get candy” She is too cute!

Cay: Trixie playing doctor and Luci acting like her cleaning his forehead hurt.

Mynda: Lucifer’s goodbye scene with his mom.

Dr. Linda: “Duct tape. Trust me. This stuff’s amazing.”

Dan: “That family is so weird.”

Lucifer: “Where’s your pretty necklace?”
Amenadiel: “Oh, I’ve put it in a safe place.”
Lucifer: “Ah. Keister it, did you?”
Maze: “Nope. Already checked. Not there.”
Lucifer: “Lovely.”

Trixie: “Wussies don’t get candy.” *fist bumps Maze*

Notable music from this episode:

The World Is Unravelling by MILCK (end of episode – unreleased)

My oh my
We must have got it wrong
Falling skies
The storm is comin strong
No one is coming out of this unscathed
Who could be ready for these war and games
My oh my
We must have got it wrong

The world’s unraaaaaaaaaaaaveling
Such a mad mad, mad reckoning
The world’s unra-ra raveling
The world’s unraaaaaaaaaaaaveling
Such a mad mad, mad reckoning
The world’s unra-ra raveling

My oh my
We’re in the final act
Can’t fight the tide
The sea is turning Black
No one is coming out of this unscathed
No one could be ready for these war and games
My oh my
We must have gotten wrong



Start a Riot – Banners (song from the pier)

I will march down an empty street like a ship into the storm
No surrender, no retreat
I will tear down every wall
Just to keep you warm
Just to bring you home
I will burn this city down for a diamond in the dust
I will keep you safe and sound when there’s no one left to trust
Will you take my hand?
We can make our stand

If your world falls apart
I’d start a riot
If night falls in your heart
I’d light the fire
In the dark, when you sound the alarm
We’ll find each other’s arms
For your love, all you are
I’d start a riot

[Verse 2]
I will wade through the fire and smoke like sunlight through the haze
I will fight till the flag waves white until my dying days
Through the bombs and blasts
We will take it back





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