ONE CHICAGO Women: Chicago Justice 1×13, Chicago Fire 5×22 & Chicago P.D. 4×23 recap

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Okay folks, this is the final ONE CHICAGO Women recap for the season with Chicago JusticeChicago Fire and Chicago P.D. wrapping up for the season this past week (Chicago Med‘s second season wrapped up last week) and boy did the #ONECHICAGO world go out with a bang – particularly on Fire – leaving Chihards wondering what is going to go down next season. Read on to find out how the three seasons wrapped up (or in some cases didn’t) for the leading ladies…

CHICAGO JUSTICE — “Tycoon” Episode 113 — Pictured: (l-r) Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson, Joelle Carter as Laura Nagel — (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Laura Nagel: In the Justice season finale, a construction crane has collapsed into a building and then onto a car where the son-in-law of a prominent real estate developer happened to be inside of at the time. Nagel and Dawson interview the crane operator who was transferred to the site a mere few days before, which seems pretty suspicious to Nagel. The victim in the car passes away at Med and Fire‘s Chief Boden is on the scene for a professional opinion and reveals that it looks like parts of machinery were tampered with so it looks Nagel was on to something.

CHICAGO JUSTICE — “Tycoon” Episode 113 — Pictured: Monica Barbaro as Anna Valdez — (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Anna Valdez: Once Nagel and Dawson deduce that the crane operator was framed and drugged (he used to have a drug problem), they share the information with Valdez and it’s she that breaks the news to the victim’s family, who aren’t exactly impressed because they wanted to see the crane operator charged and sent to prison. When the stories of the players (*cough* family *cough*) don’t match up, Valdez does some digging and realizes that the situation is a lot deeper and darker than they initially thought and that the whole thing could have been planned in an attempt to get insurance money. One of the things she finds is a connection to an old case involving the death of Danny Borelli, which was briefly touched upon in a previous season of Fire, so it’s cool that they can build on those sort of connections in the ONE CHICAGO world. We also discover that Dawson was friends with Borelli, which was something we didn’t know in the ONE CHICAGO world before. Anyway, it turns out that Jefferies is friends with the real estate tycoon and he offers a deal without consulting Stone and Valdez first because he didn’t think they could beat him. To say they’re displeased is an understatement but don’t underestimate Stone, especially when he presents a compelling monologue. Unfortunately money talks, so while they may have won this particular battle, that’s not to say they’ll end up winning the war.

CHICAGO FIRE — “My Miracle” Episode 522 — Pictured: Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Gabriela Dawson: The season finale of Fire saw a lot of tension between Dawson and Casey, with her dad not only wearing out his welcome at their place, but also interfering with Casey’s alderman business. It gets to a point where Casey spends the night at Severide’s after Dawson won’t give him a date as to when her father will be out of their home. Dawson is not impressed that he didn’t come home and tells him they don’t run away from their problems and accuses him of caring more about his alderman duties. With her words echoing in his mind and the attacks on his character by a fellow alderman at a town meeting, Casey announces his resignation as alderman but doesn’t get a chance to share the news with his wife. At the scene of an intense factory fire Boden commands the Firehouse 51 personnel to evacuate the building, Casey is separated from the rest of his team and as he goes to leave, he spots someone trapped and turns to help them. Unfortunately he ends up getting trapped and as bubbles begin to form on the paint in the area that he’s in, he knows that it doesn’t look good for him – he takes off his mask and speaks into his radio to tell Dawson how much he loves her and how much she means to him. It’s hard not to tear up as everyone listens to him over the radio. She begs him not to do this, because if he’s saying this all now that means he’s lost hope of making it out alive and she can’t have that. He calls her his miracle and tells her he loves her as the screen fades to black and so ends another season of Chicago Fire. Nooooo!

Sylvie Brett: Brett and Dawson tend to a call where a man is harming himself with a whip, when Brett tries to help he sends her  flying across the room. Ouch! Brett is also one of the few (along with Dawson, Chief Boden, Cruz, Cap and Tony) not trapped inside the fire at the end of the episode.

CHICAGO FIRE — “My Miracle” Episode 522 — Pictured: (l-r) Yuri Sardarov, Jake Arrieta, Kris Bryant, David Eigenberg, Miranda Rae Mayo — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Stella Kidd: During a call, Hermann saves a kid who is a big Cubs fan and was on his way to a signing to complete is collection of signed cards. Unfortunately the collection can’t be saved during the call and so Hermann decides to give the kid his own collection. Too bad Hermann forgot that he sold them during a garage sale several years ago. When the kid ends up seizing at Med, Hermann decides to step up his game and rallies Kidd, Otis and Mouch to take the kid to Wrigley Field to meet Cub players in the flesh, including the great Kris Bryant! While there, the firefighters end up getting called to the factory fire. At the end of the episode, Otis and Kidd who were paired together during the call, have not yet made it out of the building (along with Hermann, Mouch, Casey. Severide and Kannall).

CHICAGO P.D. — “Fork In The Road” Episode 423 — Pictured: (l-r) Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay, Jason Beghe as Hank Voight — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Erin Lindsay: Lindsay began the week on Justice, greeting former PD colleague Antonio Dawson on a scene where a construction crane has collapsed downtown. We’re not quite sure what the timeline is here seeing as if we go off last week’s episode of PD, Lindsay would technically be benched at the moment… Over on PD, the episode picks up right where we left off last week with Lindsay going before the board to determine what disciplinary action will be taken against her after she pretty much assaulted a suspect in the interrogation room and had her gun on her when she shouldn’t have. Lindsay tells the board that she doesn’t regret what she did and it’s not exactly what they wanted to hear so they strip her of her badge while they speak to everyone involved before making a final decision. New girl Upton who was present at the time of the assault, assures Lindsay that she has her back. Of course while all this work drama is going down, Lindsay’s mother gets herself into trouble and is accused of murdering her latest boyfriend. Rather than calling the cops or hey an ambulance, she calls Lindsay. Since she can’t exactly go to her mother right now, she sends Voight and he, Halstead and Olinsky show up at her mother’s home. Looks like Intelligence has a new case and they’re going to have to work this one without Lindsay. Meanwhile, Chief Lugo goes to Voight and tells him that the board want Lindsay out so either she goes or Intelligence goes. This leads Voight to makes a call to the FBI, who apparently wanted to recruit Lindsay last year but Voight turned them away. Now he’s circling back to them so that Lindsay as options. Adding to this drama, Halstead has asked his brother for their mother’s ring because he wants to propose. I’m still confused as to whether his divorce from his first wife has gone through yet. Who knows? Don’t get me wrong – I’m a Linstead shipper all the way, but marriage is not the answer for where these two are right now.

Anyway, while Lindsay tries to figure out whether her mother is telling the truth, the FBI come knocking at her door (literally) and offer her a job (and also let her know that they’ve got her mother in custody). It’s not an easy decision for Lindsay but she tells them if they can get her mother off on the narcotic charges and keep the incident off her record, she’ll join them. It should be noted that Voight has actually found evidence that Bunny is indeed guilty of murder but he tosses it to protect Lindsay’s deal, but not before warning Bunny that if she makes trouble for Lindsay again, he’ll come after her. It’s nice to know that Voight will always have her back and will always look after her. Something he solidifies when she comes to see him that night to talk about the FBI offer, which is an undercover gig with Counter Terrorism in New York. He gives her a set of dog tags that he once gave to his son – they have his thumbprint on them so that they know he’s always there – and pretty much tells her to take the job and not look back. The season ends with Erin standing on a bridge gazing into the Chicago skyline at night as her phone alerts her that Halstead is calling her. Is Lindsay really going to leave?

Kim Burgess: We don’t see Burgess due to Marina Squerciati being on maternity leave, but it was nice to hear her being acknowledged when Halstead, Ruzek, Olinsky, Upton and Atwater at Molly’s at the end of the episode and Ruzek mentions that Burgess is on her way. Aww!

CHICAGO P.D. — “Fork In The Road” Episode 423 — Pictured: Amy Morton as Trudy Platt — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Trudy Platt: This week Platt shows up on Fire to support her husband Mouch after Hermann calls her to come to Molly’s. Mouch is going through a rough time at the moment with his colleague and friend Cruz refusing to talk to him and he’s also wondering whether it’s time for him to retire from the CFD. Just when he decides that he’s doing his last shift, he has a heart attack and is trapped in a particularly intense factory fire. Surely the ONE CHICAGO world is not going to make Platt a widow? She’s already lost her father this season! Over on PD, Platt has a chat to newbie Upton to suss out what she’s going to say when the disciplinary board questions her about Lindsay. Upton assures Platt that she’s not a snitch and Platt tells her that they all have to stick together. With Burgess not around, it’s nice to see Platt continuing to mentor young female cops. Also in this episode, Platt has to tell Lindsay that she’s not allowed upstairs following her disciplinary hearing – chief’s orders.

Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.  will return in the fall to NBC on Tuesdays at 10/9c and Wednesdays at 10/9c  respectively. Chicago Med will return mid-season and no announcement has been made yet regarding a second season of Chicago Justice NBC.

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