BLINDSPOT: “Lepers Rebel” {Roundtable}

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Blindspot ended with some near-world ending plots and a time-skip that has us all confused. But with season three secured, we can hopefully get answers next year.

After all is said and done, how do you feel about Sandstorm’s biggest plot and how the team defeated it?

Rueben: All the pieces finally came together, and it was quite the plan – to eradicate all the top officials, replacing them with people seemingly hand-picked by Shepard – in the hopes to reset the U.S. government. It was also quite the elaborate scheme to stop that glider from carrying out her plan. Once again, thank God for Patterson in figuring out what to do; although thank God for Weller thinking outside the box to detonate that beacon Shepard swallowed.

Leah: I get the plan as in I understand what she was thinking (something I never thought I’d type about Shepherd) BUT…How is this still her plan? She knows Weller is on to her. She knows him. She knows he would do pretty much anything to stop her. It just seemed like some sort of deviation was necessary. Weller is a good guy, and he would have done what was right if he was a part of a new government but he still wouldn’t have been her yes man.

Lisa: Lord I need a glass of wine after this episode. My head is still spinning (from the episode – not the wine 🙂 ) We all knew Shepard was crazy and this plan of hers was insane! Thank God for Patterson and that brain of hers.

It’s a pretty big (and really dependent) plot that doesn’t take into account other people like Weller who won’t just blindly follow into the new status quo. But I like that Weller’s got enough free will and independent spirit to avoid the whole end of the current US government.

BLINDSPOT — “Lepers Rebel” Episode 222 — Pictured: (l-r) Michelle Hurd as Shepherd, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Jeff Neumann/Warner Bros/NBC)

Do you have an MVP in the episode? Why?

Rueben: Well, it seems that Patterson is almost always the MVP in one way or another, but as I said above Weller got the upper-hand with Shepard hitting her the defibrillator, but how about Tasha coming back to work the day after she got shot. Wow!

Leah: Is copying and pasting Rueben’s answer cheating?

Lisa: Absolutely not Leah. lol I’m with you guys. Patterson is always my MVP.

Roz: I’m all for Patterson getting it, but I thin Nas gets some love for that last look of terror she induces from Shepard.

The finale tried to set up the team breaking up into disparate places. How do you feel about that idea given the flash forward?

Rueben: I was totally thrown by that time jump, as I wasn’t expecting that at all. I’m troubled to say the least by Weller and Jane being apart – especially given that he said he finally found her (how long had they been apart and, more to the point, why was she in some mountainous area with that monk?). Worse yet, Patterson, Reade and Tasha are missing. Could it have been Roman or some other new big bad?

Leah: If I didn’t know already that we were getting another season when I watched this episode I would have been pissed. I understand what makes “good TV” ploys/plots but I hate when shows break up a team that has already been through so much. I had serious Alias flashbacks when Weller “found” Jane at the end and he had the wedding ring on.

Lisa: Yeah, I had to remind myself that we were getting another season because everything seemed so final at the end until the time jump. I did not see that coming. They have definitely set it up for a whole new set of heart palpitations.

Roz: I worried about the team being in all those different places until that flash-forward. I’m not sure I feel better about Patterson, Reade and Zapata being kidnapped, but it’s better than all those different places.

Roman got to walk away. How do you think that will play into some big arch next season?

BLINDSPOT — “Lepers Rebel” Episode 222 — Pictured: Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/Warner Bros/NBC)

Rueben: Given that three of the team are missing, and it could potentially be Roman at fault, I think he will play a lot into the next season. If it’s not him, then I’ll be curious how he would play into anything next season.

Leah: I like that he got away and I almost kind of hope he is the big bad next season. If we can’t save him, let him be all out crazy.

Lisa: I think we will see a lot of him next season. The brother/sister tension and the “will he come back to the good side or be the villian” will be a good addition to the story line.

Roz: It has to play some role in the mystery, but I don’t know if want Roman to turn into the big bag like his mother was. That’s taking a cliche a bit too far for me.

What is this ending? Go nuts in trying to figure out next season.

Rueben: So, here’s what we seem to know: Weller is married, and we can guess his wife was probably Jane since she made reference to him wearing the ring and, again, that he finally found her. They are key to unraveling that box since their fingerprints not only opened it but also affected that piece of metal. But the whole, let’s turn Jane into a giant glow stick, what the hell?

Leah: When I’m watching a show about vampires and someone glows or flies or whatever I’m like cool, this is a supernatural show. Blindspot is a mystery show for me, not supernatural. I thought that whole glowing stuff was out of place and thankfully I have some time to figure out if I liked it.

Lisa: I thought the glowing was cool but I had just read an article earlier this week about the advancements of tatoos and how people can have sounds/voices attached to the tattoo now. So, I first thought “Whoa! Glowing ink!” 😍I know I’m so lame. I think that is the only way I could think it was cool because it’s totally crazy! With that being said, I think we wil see some new characters next season and next level high tech stuff. That glowing ink set the bar pretty high the craziness that will ensue next season.

Roz: After Sandstorm was wrapped up I did wonder what could happen with Jane’s tattoos, but I really don’t get know what can come from Jane and Weller working together without the rest of the team. It’ll be an interesting show for sure if nothing else.

Anything else speak to you?

Rueben: We finally got to see Patterson break down at least a little after they “saved the world.” But, we never really got to see her come to terms with all that happened because of that time jump. And worse yet, if the three of them were kidnapped, she is one unlucky woman and it going to be need a lifetime of therapy.

Leah: I feel like this is an episode I need to watch twice to formulate all of my thoughts into actual sentences. I’ve got nothing else to say (that would make sense) right now.

Lisa: I wanted to give Patterson a hug. She needs a break so bad. And another scene that was crazy was seeing Jane climb up those rocks! Insane! I just wonder what could have happened to drive her away from Weller? I will ponder that for awhile. Until next season peeps (apparently we’ll be moving this party to Friday nights).

Roz: Man, this pulled some good creative tension with that flash-forward, but I’m really curious about whatever new direction the show can go.

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