Lucifer Roundtable: God Johnson

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We’ve been eagerly awaiting this episode every since we heard that Timothy Omundson (Galavant) had been cast as God…Johnson. Lucifer is such a fantastic guilty pleasure and this episode definitely brought us all plenty of pleasure!

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What were your first thoughts when you saw the opening scene with Lucifer on the gurney?

Cay: Kind of surprised it took that long for someone to think Luci was crazy. The jump ahead-flash back is really popular these days, but it’s probably because it definitely increases the interest level. I assumed we were in for something good!

Mynda: Literally. GOODY! The whole concept was Comedy GOLD!

Lisa: I was like what in the world did he do now? 🙂 I thought it was funny.

Melissa: Mild curiosity? I dunno, it didn’t strike me as amusingly as it appears to have done for everyone else.

Maze’s attempt at domesticity…and matchmaking

Lisa: Hilarious! That burnt toast was so funny. I thought it was nice that she was trying so hard, but I can easily see how she was driving Chloe crazy. Those two make a great on-screen team.

Mynda: Maze and I went to the EXACT SAME Cooking School! Loved everything about this story line except Chloe. There’s a huge difference between a blind spot and being willfully OBTUSE. Her stupidity is wearing very thin.

Melissa: She is trying so hard! I liked that this gave Chloe an opportunity to point out that she and Lucifer have different needs, and Maze did her best to give Chloe what she thought she needed. We’ve seen some real character development from Maze over these 2 seasons. Also, do we think that Chloe and the Doctor might start something? While Chloe/Lucifer is hot, these two are freaking adorable and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them as a couple.

Cay: I’m also a big fan of the doctor and he’s clearly a better choice of a significant other than Lucifer! He’s certainly more emotionally stable – didn’t freak out OR make any bondage references when Chloe handcuffed him. Oh, and their “double date” with Maze and Amenadiel was very funny and with what we know of the two of them, even though it was ridiculous, it was also true to their characters.

LUCIFER: Tom Ellis in the God Johnson episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, May 15 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

Finding God in a mental hospital

Cay: I’ve often thought that if a prophet came to earth now, at least here in the US, we’d definitely assume mental illness and lock ‘em up, so it seems appropriate. Plus, it was a great reason to get Luci in a psychiatric hospital, which was not only hilarious, but also kind of fitting for his character, especially from Chloe’s point of view (how does she STILL NOT GET IT!)

Lisa: I agree with you Cay. If God came to earth, there would be so many doubters and the first place they would send him would be the mental hospital, so I wasn’t surprised at all. I was more surprised when Mama Morningstar kicked him in the balls. I thought, “You can’t kick God in the balls! That’s just not right.”

Melissa: Yeah, it does make sense that we’d try to institutionalize God. I see this setup as social commentary for sure. But what kept me thinking “this can’t actually be Him” was that he didn’t try to leave the mental hospital. I mean, if He’s God, why does He need Lucifer to stage a riot to escape a puny building guarded by humans?

Cay: Even if it wasn’t Him, I think he was still channeling Him, so I think the conversations he had with Luci were sincere, even though Luci clearly doesn’t agree.

Dan rebuffing Charlotte

Mynda: When Detective Douche gets a clue it is further evidence Chloe has to get a freaking clue! Side note: Pudding Theft is a serious offense!

Lisa: Yeah, don’t be stealing pudding! 🙂 Everyone needs to get a clue. Good Lord!

Melissa: Good for you, Dan. (<– things you never think you’ll write)

Cay: I liked the reference to Dan’s pudding, which was previously stolen in another episode. I hate Dan and Charlotte together, but it’s interesting that she’s rather taken with him as she becomes a bit more human. She’s fascinated by how someone could not be interested in her. Speaking of, wasn’t she married? How’s she keeping on that charade?

The music in this episode was really awesome – favorite songs?

Mynda: ‘In a Black Out’ by Hamilton + Rostam. Follow @kristieannereed – one of the Lucifer producers – on Twitter. You won’t regret it – she dishes on the music and other BTS stuff

Lisa: I always enjoy the music on this show and I’ve said time and time again that they need to have a soundtrack. This episode didn’t disappoint.

Melissa: Look, I don’t care if it’s from 1995, I will always love Joan Osborne’s “One of Us”. It was used perfectly here.

Cay: ha, yeah, me, too. That was one of the first CDs I even bought, back from BMG Music…I think that was one of the 10 or so that I got for a $1 or whatever they did to get you hooked. Whoa, that’s a flashback!

LUCIFER: L-R: Tricia Helfer and guest star Timothy Omundson in the God Johnson episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, May 15 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

Were you happy with how Lucifer handled meeting his dad?

Cay: Ugh, I just wanted to smack him at the end! This plan of his is never going to end well, and honestly, God didn’t seem like such a bad guy. He seemed to say all the right things and acted sincerely. But he wasn’t actually God in the flesh and Luci isn’t willing to let go of his hatred yet.

Mynda: I love how ‘real’ his pain is. It follows much of us in real life who swing back and forth between hatred, forgiveness, pain and joy.

Lisa: Yeah, I agree with Mynda. I love how Lucifer comes across as just a regular guy with Daddy issues (and we know it is so much more than that). It is relatable that we want approval from our parents and seeing him interact with his Dad seemed real.

Melissa: Question – was the belt buckle causing Mr. Johnson to channel God? That’s the impression I had what with the drugs not affecting him and knowing Lucifer’s real name. Because if so, then what he told Lucifer, his apology and his pride, that would be legit, right? I know Lucifer isn’t ready to let go of his anger yet, but I hope his current fury is more about resisting his Father’s words rather than straight up rejecting them. Also, I’m sad that Timothy Omundson isn’t God. I liked him and Tom Ellis together.

Cay: Yes, that was my assumption and that’s why I’m annoyed at Lucifer. I LOVE Timothy Omundson, he was perfect casting. If he was really God and Tom Ellis the Devil, so help me…

LUCIFER: L-R: Tom Ellis and Rachael Harris in the God Johnson episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, May 15 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

Favorite Lines or scenes

Cay: This is probably my favorite Lucifer episode of all time! It had everything – it was hilarious, I loved the spiritual aspects and the discussions between Luci and God.

Mynda: Interactions between Luci and fake god were equally hilarious and touching

Lisa: I loved the Chloe and Maze matchmaking scene. Those two are so funny! One person missing from this episode was Trixie. I missed seeing her!

Melissa: Dr. Linda and Lucifer hiding behind the bar while Lucifer tried to spring a Parent Trap was fun. (The Hayley Mills movie is one of my all-time favorites.)


Memorable Quotes

God and his ex- having a fight to the death. Sounds kind of bad for humanity. – Dr Linda

Sadly, that’s you. You are the new me. – Luci
I don’t want to be you… – Chloe

I LOVE the mentally ill! – Luci

You and I are flowing, Chloe – same page! – Maze
No, different books! – Chloe

You’re trying to Parent Trap God and a divine Goddess? – Dr Linda

I should have bowed. – Dr. Linda

He’s not the murderer. ‘Whaaaaat? How do you know that, Ella?!?’ I’ll show you!” – Ella

LUCIFER: L-R: Rachael Harris and Tom Ellis in the God Johnson episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, May 15 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

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