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Blindspot was all new last night and with only one more episode until the season finale they are pulling out all the stops. Sandstorm implemented another phase of their plan and Roman and his Mother came face to face. We even found out what the Truman Protocol was, not that it made Shepherd’s plan any less insane.

I was never on Team Director Pellington but he stood up to Shepherd when it counted. Sorry to see him go? (Want to punch Brianna just a little for giving up that code?)
Rueben: I felt bad for the way Pellington went out, but he did have balls the stand up to Shepherd. I can’t say I’m sorry to see him go, as he was never working with Weller and the team (but almost always seen to be against them), but it was an extremely harsh way for him to die; and very stunning.
Roz: Even though he’s never liked Weller and the team, I did feel like he did the honorable and noble thing when faced with all of Shepherd’s fury and planning. He went out heroically and it’ll maybe make a difference to his family to know that, even if Weller thinks everyone’s going to remember the day for how many people died.
Lisa: It was good to see that he stood up to Shepherd in the end, but what a horrible way to go. I definitely felt sorry for him, but I can’t say I’ll miss him on the show.
Leah: The man annoyed me every second he was on the screen…until he told Shepherd to her face that the FBI wasn’t going to give in to her demands. When he got shot I yelled, “Nooooooo!”
Cay: A great example of why we don’t negotiate with terrorists – they aren’t particularly honorable! His death, thought, was quite honorable doing what he had to do for the FBI and our country.

Can we just collectively agree that Patterson is bad ass? Computers….check. Weapons…..check. Smart ass witty comments…..check.
Rueben: She is uber-woman, that’s for sure. But with all the skills she has, she still has yet to process all the issues that she has had to face over this season, and those issues could greatly impact her mental and emotional well-being, that will, most likely, affect all of her skills at some point.
Roz: Patterson has always been one of my favorites and this week she just upped her game again. I’m with Rueben, though, in that all of this is eventually going to catch up with her. Maybe the whole team just needs four months of FBI sponsored rest and relaxation to get back into what they were like before Jane.
Lisa: Patterson never ceases to amaze me! She is the definition of badass. I’m in agreement though, this will all catch up to her and I don’t want to see her fall. That will be heartbreaking.
Leah: She has been cracking for awhile, but whenever the pressure is really on she always comes through!
Cay: I have a girl crush on her! My goal in life is to be intelligent, witty, and badass just like she is. I can’t do what she can do with computers, but she’s definitely a girl after my own heart. Like everyone else, I’m worried about how long she can handle everything she’s been through without it destroying her.

So Shepherd is completely crazy right? She used the argument, “You tried to kill me first!” when talking about why she loves her son.
Rueben: This bitch has got to be taken down. She is beyond crazy. She obviously has more planned than taking down a handful of federal buildings. Whatever she has planned for the COG’s is going to change the face of that world immeasurably.
Roz: UGH I JUST WANT TO PUNCH HER IN THE FACE! I don’t even know how to process her brand of logic, but it is not mine. Government corruption isn’t new, truly, so I don’t get what she wants to do that is different than any other time in US history.
Lisa: I effing hate her!!! She is THE WORST!! She has got to go.
Leah: Just reread Lisa’s comment while shaking your fist at the sky!
Cay: Nothing like guilt-tripping your adoptive son for picking his birth sister over you when you made him choose under fear of death! Where do you draw the line between mentally ill and actual evil? She can’t get killed soon enough!

Do you see Roman coming back around to Team FBI or is he lost to Shepherd?
Rueben: Nope, I think now that his memories are back, he is back drinking Shepherd’s Kool-Aid and just might be too far gone to ever be brought back.
Roz: I don’t know if he’s lost to Shepherd or not. He looked pretty unsettled by her video message at the end.
Lisa: If I had to guess right now, I’d say he’s gone. He feels so betrayed by Jane. I hope I’m wrong though. I don’t see how the team could ever trust him if he did come around.
Leah: I am not sure. He seemed very iffy about Shepherd and her crazy. He may have his memories back but he always seems to be done with completely blindly following her.
Cay: I suspect he’ll eventually come back to Jane versus Shepard, but I could see him leaving Shepard as soon as he can looking out for only himself for a while (like maybe until next season).

We find out what COGS and The Truman Protocol is (finally). What do you think of Shepherd’s end game?
Rueben: I’m glad we finally have an understanding of what COG’s stands for and what The Truman Protocol is about; but how that all plays into Shepherd’s end game, well, I’m thoroughly confused and unsure. I would be afraid to even surmise because I haven’t been able to figure out her end game since day one.
Roz: I think this plan is flawed because Shepherd thinks all of those people in the bunker are going to follow her line of thought. Weller was already showing signs of not buying what’s going on down there, even if that CIA member thinks the threat is over. If anything, in the episode, Weller showed how much he doesn’t want to just follow along with what Shepherd is laying down. I hope he goes 12 Angry Men on that room to get them to leave or just not follow in what Shepard wants them to do.
Lisa: Finally a piece to the puzzle! Although I as still confused. I’m with Roz. Weller has to convince everyone in that bunker that the treat is no where near being over.
Leah: The only way I can see the plan going how Shepherd wants is if Weller was on her side. He isn’t. He’s pissed. He isn’t going to quietly into that good night. What is her plan? Lead the people in that bunker? Become their leader? How in the world would that happen?
Cay: I got a Designated Survivor vibe to this part – huge coordinated attack involving the highest levels of government, carefully selected survivors… While I really enjoy Blindspot, the mythology has gotten so complex that it really defies belief – how could Shepherd be so all-knowing to put a plan like this whole thing into place? I need the Blindspot Spark Notes just to keep up!

Favorite scene? MVP?
Rueben: Finally getting that kiss between Weller and Jane was pretty nice especially after everything that happened. As for MVP, Patterson really stood out, once again, but seeing Reade finally step up, that was pretty great.
Roz: I found the flashbacks to set up the Deputy meeting well placed so we knew what was going on before the COGS reveal.As for an MVP, I think it goes to Patterson for just realizing what Shepherd wanted and how to keep that from her.
Lisa: Patterson is always my MVP! She rocks! I was digging the kiss scene too and it looks like there will be more of that next week from the trailer. I can’t believe there is only one episode left!
Leah: I liked when Weller said, “Jane…..don’t die.” It was cute. Patterson. Always Patterson!
Cay: Patterson, definitely, although Jane and her steady fingers on the bombs was a close second. As for favorite scene, Jane and Weller’s kiss interrupted by the Secret Service – awkward! Although I suspect the SS has interrupted/witnessed many more awkward things over the years!

Other thoughts?
Good to see Reade and Zapata back to being friends and there’s nothing like a great deep conversation in the middle of a firefight. That plot device works best when it’s a romantic discussion (I’m thinking Chuck and Sarah in Chuck or Root and Shaw in Person of Interest) but even with a platonic but important discussion is entertaining and after what they’ve both been through, it was nice for some normality between them…at least until Zapata got shot.

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