Lucifer Roundtable: Deceptive Little Parasite

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What a great episode! Lucifer and Trixie, Chloe and Maze. There was a lot to do with emotions and how to control them this week. Let’s see what Nice Girls Cay, Melissa, Mynda, Karen and Lisa had to say in our roundtable discussion.

Luci Reading the children’s book “Your Feelings and You” in the middle of the bar…and Go!Luci reading the children’s book “Your feelings and You” in the middle of the bar…and Go!

Cay: I was less interested in the fact that he was reading it than he turned down a foursome. He really is learning to control himself, even if he thinks that he isn’t! The Lucifer we met at the beginning of season 1 would have jumped in and worried about who sent them later. This episode really highlighted Luci’s complete lack of shame. Unlike normal adult humans, he isn’t really concerned what most people think of him. He’ll read a kids book in a bar, act like a child at a school. It’s probably at least partly due to his self-absorbance, but there’s something innocent about it, too.

Melissa: That was an amusing visual, but I’m with Cay in seeing it as more than a sight gag. Lucifer really is child-like in many ways, which I think speaks to why his parents’ manipulation is so painful for him. Think about how he talks about both of his parents – he’s still very much a little boy who feels betrayed by the two people who were supposed to love him unconditionally.

Mynda: I thought it was a great visual and was once again a creative way the writers use mirth to come at a deeper more serious topic sideways.  Time and again, this show touches my heart right on the heels of uproarious laughter. Luci struggling with his feelings and letting his walls down in a safe place is a huge lesson for us all. Love the way the show walks that tightrope perfectly.

Karen: He’s always had trouble with “human” emotions. I think the kids book is a good start, but maybe he could use Doctor Linda a little more? There’s still a wall up between them even now that she’s in the loop – and it’s unfortunate. He thinks feelings are a liability and that makes it taboo – even to talk about. Until he does that, I don’t think he’s going to move forward.

Lisa: I thought the visual was hilarious! But, there was a child-like innocence to it as well. I agree with Karen that he has to let that wall down and let those feelings out. The book was a good start.

Who was your favorite duo this episode, Luci & Trixie or Maze and Chloe?

Cay: Don’t make me pick! I love Trixie, and her and Lucifer are always hilarious, even better in this episode when he has to pretend she’s his daughter (and Chloe his wife, for two episodes in a row!) so he has to try to act fatherly and not call her a parasite or similar in public. Maze and Chloe was unexpected and very funny. Maze may get nauseated when thinking about human emotions, but she is sure good at and enjoys manipulating them! I do have to say that Chloe is so freaking clueless – how does she not realize Maze isn’t normal in more than just the obvious ways? How many times does Maze have to say “human” emotion before Chloe asks the obvious question of why “human”?

Melissa: I missed Trixie! I’m choosing Trixie & Lucifer because it’s been too long since we’ve seen her make him uncomfortable with her adorableness. The hand-holding bit was perfect. Loved the little boy walking behind them, looking at Lucifer trying to shake off her hand in confusion. Chloe and Maze were an excellent team, too. Chloe is getting more comfortable with Maze, and Maze is starting to care about Chloe (oh no! more human emotions!). <insert regular “how does Chloe not know yet????” comment here>

Mynda: Luci and Trixie are magic together.

Karen: Both. I mean for reals? Lucifer and Trixie are awesome, and we don’t get to see them together often, so I guess they get the edge. Maze and Chloe are together a lot, but they’re always magic. Strange bedfellows, especially in this episode. (get it?) Also Mel… RIGHT?! HOW?!

Lisa: Seriously, Chloe needs to read a book in the bar called, “Get a clue!” It’s so hard to choose because they both were awesome. But I’ve gotta go with Luci & Trixie too. The hand-holding scene was so cute especially when Trixie said, “Do you want to sell this or not?” Adorable.

At the school, Trixie shared that she was sad because her mom almost died because of her scary job. Thoughts?

Cay: It definitely needed to be addressed. During the fall finale, seeing Trixie in the hospital made me so sad. Poor kid has been through a lot – her parents’ divorce, moving, living with Maze, Chloe having at least two near-death experiences, getting kidnapped last season. I think she should spend some time with Dr. Linda as well!

Melissa: Agreed, it needed to be addressed. That’s a real concern for children of law enforcement, and I’m glad the show is going there. It was nice to see a bit of co-parenting from Chloe and Dan, too. (The look on Dan’s face when the teacher referred to Lucifer as Trixie’s father. Ha!)

Mynda: It was GORGEOUS! I so appreciate that Trixie is a full-fledged character in and of herself and not just more pun fodder for Luci. They pinpointed what is so great about kids, they are amazing truth tellers.

Karen: Wasn’t hard for her to go there, was it? I like that she pulled out her real feelings, especially in front of Lucifer. She knows he’s gone through the same things with all the close calls that Chloe’s had, and it evoked some stuff they were both holding. She’s incredibly insightful when it comes to the adult relationships around her – much more so than the actual adults.

Lisa: I loved it because she was so honest and I thought it was great that Lucifer was there to witness it. And I agree with Mel, it is a real concern with children with parents who work in Law Enforcement. A sensitive subject to tackle and the show did a great job of highlighting it.

Case of the week with the murder of Debbie Lang. Yay or Nay?

Cay: Whatever. It was just a means to the end of getting Chloe and Luci to the ridiculous school. It seemed to have little other purpose.

Melissa: Agreed. We get to make fun of “movement and wellness mentors” and “mid-afternoon yoga” while exposing the sordid underbelly of the perfect school. Meh. I did appreciate that the men/fathers were complicit in all of the ridiculousness, not just the women/mothers.

Mynda: I honestly emotionally skim each case…it’s kind of like bread….just a delivery device for the good stuff which is Lucifer and the gang.

Karen: There was a case? I agree with you guys, they’re just the MacGuffin that allows us to advance the major plotlines. Most of the time I like to see the guest stars, and in this episode we got Alison Becker (“Shauna Malwae-Tweep” – Parks & Recreation) and Geoffrey Owens (“Elvin Tibideaux” – The Cosby Show).

Lisa: I know! I was super excited to see Geoffrey Owens! I was like “Elvin!!” Anyway, yeah it was just Meh for me too. I did get a kick out of the “movement and Wellness” teacher though. Hee Hee Hee.

This episode focused a lot on emotions and how to control them. Were you surprised that Luci took Dr. Linda’s advice and used his painful memories to ignite the sword?

Cay: No, he does trust her and he is growing emotionally, although I’m not sure “Your Feelings and You” was a big factor in that. He also wants to get rid of Mamma Morningstar

Melissa: I wasn’t surprised that he did it, but I was surprised that it was so brief. What does that mean? I was also surprised-but-not-really that Amenadiel recognized Lucifer in pain and reached out to him.

Mynda: I LOVED that scene. Yet another example of how the show can pivot to reveal common struggles we all deal with in real life.

Karen: YES. For the very first time I felt like he actually took some of her advice for realsies. He needs to do it more often as I said in the previous question. He’s still not really opening up when he’s talking to her, which would be a great next step.

Lisa: Loved it! I thought it was powerful.

Things aren’t looking good for Mama Morningstar. What’s up with the light shining from her wrist? How much time do you think she has?

Cay: Yeah, I’ve heard of people who think that light shines from their….. ummm…well, NOT their wrist! Maybe that’s why she’s becoming so powerful? She’s got some crazy nuclear reaction going on inside. Seems like she could use that to light the sword! Wonder where one gets divine-blocking band-aids?

Melissa: That band-aid must be made of lead! We saw that light and Mama Morningstar’s supernatural strength last autumn, but I didn’t realize the light meant her time on Earth was limited. Maybe Hell was able to contain her divinity, but Earth is not?

Mynda: Mama Devil is in serious trouble!

Karen: Now we get a little more insight about why she needs to get back into heaven. I’ve been waiting for some more background on her arc because there wasn’t a lot that let us in on her real motivation. It looked like revenge, vindictiveness, perhaps even some love for her sons… but I just couldn’t get a handle on it. To see that she has a ticking clock pushing her to get back with hubs is a much more interesting development.

Lisa: I agree Karen. That shining light made her story way more interesting to the story for me. It isn’t looking too good for Mama Morningstar. We’ll have to see what other lengths she will go to get Luci to ignite the sword.

Favorite line/scene?

Cay: There were a number of funny lines early on in this one. Two of my favorites:

“It’s so small…and it’s not flaming” – Lucifer

“Lucifer’s projecting his personal issues onto the case…we’re back to normal.”  – Chloe

I didn’t have a favorite scene – I enjoyed the whole episode. And I AM SO EXCITED for next week! I love Timothy Omundson (Galavant)! Couldn’t have cast a better God!

Melissa: Trixie in her faux fur coat preparing for her first driving lesson in Lucifer’s vintage Corvette made me giggle.

Mynda: Favorite scene was at the end with Luci and the sword. Powerful stuff.

Karen: Did you guys catch the “Triple Decker” line? Because LOL! And I do mean “laugh out loud” in this case. Of course a foursome with Chloe lookalikes would be called a Triple Decker. Luci also made a “self-love” joke at Amenadiel while he was swishing around the sword. Saying if he did it too much he might go blind. The writers ftw.  Always.

Lisa: I was cracking up when Luci came off of the elevator and assumed Amenadiel was having some “self-love.” 🙂 I laughed so hard! Luci’s facial expressions are so funny to me. And Yes Karen, the triple decker line was so clever! My favorite scene was Luci & Trixie at the school. I’ve missed their interactions.

Episode MVP?

Cay: Trixie! 🙂

Melissa: Trixie!

Mynda: *Hand raised!* Trixie!

Karen: I guess I gotta say Trixie. (I was gonna anyway). I’d like to give a runner-up to Mazikeen, her earbuds, and her “two mommy” ruse plan. I love her!

Lisa: The Nice Girls have spoken! Trixie it is!!!


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