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Instagram Stories: The Best Celebrities To Follow

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When Instagram introduced Stories I was skeptical. I liked Snapchat, the celebs I followed liked Snapchat. I’ve since wholeheartedly come around to Instagram Stories, in part due to the below list of gems I have found. If you aren’t following along with these stars and their stories you are missing out!

Be sure to click on the name of the actor/actress below and follow along with them.

Busy Philipps (Cougar Town, Freaks & Geeks)
Her stories are amazing. They are honest, they are funny, she holds nothing back. From raccoons having sex on her porch, Uber drivers attempting to abduct her (yes really) to her love of making mac and cheese, she covers absolutely everything. She also delves into her anxiety and anytime someone is open about their issues it is refreshing.

Tom Lenk (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Lenk Lewk for Less is a genius idea where Tom Lenk recreates high fashion moments and red carpet looks with supplies from his house. Down to the make up and hair. It. Is. Awesome. If Ross Dress for Less or Joanne Fabrics doesn’t sponsor this man and soon I will be surprised.

Mandy Moore (This is Us)
I’ve been a fan of Mandy’s since she was a sugar coated pop singer, so of course I follow her. She shares a variety of things on her stories from behind the scenes while she is on set to face mask wearing, event getting ready. She is as sweet as you would think and her TBT’s to frosted tips and opening for N’SYNC (for instance) are the greatest.

Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill, Chicago P.D.)
Confession – I did not watch One Tree Hill. *GASP* so I am a little late to the Sophia Bush is the Best party, but I’m here now. I love the Dick Wolf Chicago shows and Sophia is killing it over on Chicago P.D. Her Stories are filled with equal parts behind the scenes, food (so much food for a tiny woman) and activism. She is a supporter of equality in all forms and shares a number of different sources and thoughts on the matter.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
BUFFY! Sarah has really moved in totally new direction, into food. She owns the company Foodstirs and spends a great deal of time traveling around promoting it. She also just published a cook book. Her baking, travel stories are great but she also mixes in a little home life with some shots of her life with husband Freddie Prinze Jr. and kids.

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