Lucifer Roundtable: Candy Morningstar

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Lucifer is back and he brings a surprise with him. See what we had to say about Lucifer’s all new episode.

Did Lucifer marrying Candy make him…dumb? It’s like he was right back to the way he was before meeting Chloe.
Cay: No, but feeling that Chloe’s feelings weren’t genuine caused him to backslide after making himself so vulnerable (physically AND emotionally).
Melissa: Well, given the twist about Candy…no.
Karen: I thought so at the beginning, and there’s still that element of cluelessness (protecting Chloe from her inability to choose her emotions), but I get what he was doing. It was a con, and he got what he wanted out of it. He manipulated Mummy, and it’s high time someone did. He knows about the sword now, and that he’ll have to keep it out of Charlotte’s hands.
Lisa: I agree with Cay. It didn’t make him dumb, but it was definitely a backslide. The look on Chloe’s face when he said Candy was his wife said everything I was thinking.

Am I supposed to believe Lucifer’s Mother, Goddess of heaven or whatever her formal title is, is really that ridiculous? She goes from plotting, to questioning to contrite to manipulative in one episode!
Cay: that seems to be her MO since she first arrived. I’m starting to think that she’s not necessarily evil, although she’s definitely manipulative
Melissa: I still don’t have a handle on her. She’s focused on returning to Heaven and is constantly scheming and manipulating, but she does appear to have a mother’s heart at the same time. I believe her contrition upon realizing that she helped “break” Lucifer was real. I also believe that she believes her manipulations and schemes are in his best interests. After all, she still thinks his love of humanity is fleeting.
Karen: I don’t think she’s out-and-out malevolent, but she’s got an end goal in mind, and she does whatever she thinks will get her there. If that means switching up her tactics on a whim, then boom – that’s what she does.
Lisa: That woman is a mess! She is all over the map. She definitely thinks her plotting and manipulations are done with Lucifer’s best interest, but she is way off base. In her own way she loves Luci but she needs to calm all that scheming down!

Did you expect there was more to Candy than there seemed?
Cay: I assumed she was exactly the bimbo that she seemed, because it seemed like something Luci would do. Although, I got a head’s up early on when the show’s official twitter account replied to one of my tweets and asked if she was more than she seemed. She definitely played the part more convincingly than Chloe did in the divorce mediators office!
Melissa: I wasn’t buying the bimbo act, but I did not expect her to be running a con with Lucifer! On Lucifer, sure, but not as his accomplice. As soon as that twist was revealed, I became 100% more interested in her backstory. How did Lucifer “help” her in Vegas? What’s she running from? And what is Lucifer’s end-game? Was he just looking for information about the flaming sword? Or proof that his mother hasn’t changed? I mean, Candy was only with him in L.A. for a couple of days, and now she’ll vanish from their lives. Just for that one piece of information? Seems pretty elaborate.
Karen: When he mentioned “using” her to protect Chloe, I thought *maybe* there was something more to her. However, I had no idea she was a totally different person than who she was portraying until that last scene where they got “divorced”.
Lisa: I had a feeling there was more to the story pretty early on, like Mel I didn’t believe the bimbo act. I knew she was up to something and once they revealed the twist she instantly became more interesting. What is her story?

Also…..Is this the first time Lucifer has really outright just lied? I’m a little fuzzy on the first parts of this season but the fact that he doesn’t lie is kind of his thing, right?
Melissa: I’ll go with Chloe’s answer at the divorce mediator’s office – “I don’t know.” I don’t think we’ve heard him outright lie before. Fudge the truth a bit, yes, but not lie. Although, if he and Candy really did get married as part of this farce – and he did say something about divorce being expensive when he told her to keep the rings – then he didn’t technically lie.
Karen: I honestly didn’t think they got married for real, although he really doesn’t lie, so they must’ve, right? Maybe they set the annulment up beforehand? Lucifer might have explained that Chloe is a cop (Candy mentioned before even meeting her that Chloe was a cop), and could’ve found out about their status maybe?
Lisa: I don’t remember him outright lying but he definitely knows how to sugarcoat the truth.

Does Lucifer actually know for sure Chloe’s feelings are “manufactured”? Or this is something he just assumed?
Cay: He doesn’t know – we saw him go off the rails when he first found out about Chloe’s birth – he had no evidence then and never once has she given him that indication since. He’s super dense when it comes to her.
Melissa: A man asking a woman to explain something rather than assuming he knows the answer? What? Sorry. I was mansplained yesterday and it still rankles. No, Lucifer has never bothered to find out if Chloe’s feelings are real. For that matter, he seems to think his feelings can’t possibly be real, either. This whole “manufactured feelings” dilemma feels manufactured (see what I did there?). I hope it’s resolved soon.
Karen: Nope, he doesn’t know know. After all, Daddy doesn’t ever talk to them. He can only speculate. What he does know, is that she was put in his path, and essentially created for him. It’s a pretty fair assumption that she might be inclined to have feelings for him because she’s connected to him that way.
Lisa: Nice one Mel. 🙂 No he doesn’t know, he assumed and that is why he made an ass of himself! All he needs to do is talk to her but noooo….He just assumes he knows what she’s feeling. Ugh…typical. Communicate people!

Favorite line/scene?
Cay: Maze checking out Candy, Dr. Linda’s reaction to the whole situation.
Melissa: Lucifer’s musical overtures to Chloe. Although…”Eternal Flame” and The Bangles are from the ’80s; why all the references to ’90s jams?
Lisa: Anytime Luci is sitting at a piano singing…I’m a happy girl.

Linda: I haven’t seen you in a while, Lucifer. Uh, I know you’ve been through Hell. I suppose we can discuss that another time.
Lucifer: Oh, no, no, there’s no need for censoring, Doctor. Candy and I have no secrets.

Linda: What about Detective Decker? I thought you two had become close.
Lucifer: Well, everything I felt for her was smoke and mirrors, courtesy of dear old Dad. I mean, He clearly expected me to zig, and so I zagged.
Linda: And does Chloe know that you’ve zagged Candy?

Charlotte: What comes next for you two lovebirds? Did he say anything about oh, I don’t know matricide?
Candy: No, I think the mattress in the penthouse is pretty new.
Charlotte: Oh, come on, Candy. I know you two have some kind of plan.
Candy: Well, you’re right about that. So many plans.
Charlotte: Tell me everything.
Candy: Someday I want to open my own juice bar. Or a tanning salon. Or a combo juice bar and tanning salon.
Charlotte: You’re speaking and yet I don’t understand a single word.
Candy: I get that a lot.

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