LUCIFER Roundtable “A Good Day to Die”

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Family can be so complicated. What did you think about Lucifer’s family interactions in this episode. Namely Amenadiel, Charlotte, and surprise… Uriel.

Melissa: I’m going to preface my comments by saying that for the most part I thought this episode was a dud. There were a couple of bright spots, but overall it was a clanker. The family interactions were rough. Everyone seemed to be forcing it except for the scenes with Uriel. I bought Lucifer’s initial happiness at seeing his brother, then his increasing torture at being forced to stab him over and over. I was also on board for Charlotte’s love for her son, guilt over her manipulations leading to his death, and desire to stay with him even if that wasn’t really Uriel. The rest of the scenes were…off somehow. Like they were trying to force the chemistry we’ve seen before.

Cay: I thought it was a cool episode, so long as I didn’t get hung up on the scientific implausibilities (like the fact that the “antidote” seemed more toxic than the poison). I think it answered the question of whether Charlotte loves Lucifer. I think to the degree that she can, she does, but she’s also hung up on what she thinks is best for him and using him against his father. Who knew that God’s family was so dysfunctional, right?!? I liked that she was willing to risk not coming back from Hell to try to save him and that Luci then had to save her. Even Amenadiel did his part.

Leah: I am on the fence. I guess I get what they were building towards but I am with Melissa. “The rest of the scenes were…off…”

Karen:  First off, DYS-FUNC-TION-AL. What surprised me? Charlotte going to hell to save Lucifer. What didn’t? Amenadiel protecting Chloe and being there for Lucifer even after they had MAJOR words. What gutted me? Uriel. Lucifer will never be over that pain.

Hell is what we make it apparently. We see Dr. Carlisle’s karmic punishment as well as Lucifer’s. Any thoughts on that? And why did Charlotte warrant torture from Maze instead of an instant replay?

Melissa: I thought that was a creative, and believable, depiction of Hell. The anguish we saw from Dr. Carlisle and Lucifer sold it. Do we know exactly HOW Maze tortured Charlotte? Did Maze have a part in Lucifer abandoning his mother, therefore she is part of that torturous scene?

Cay: I definitely agree that this seems like as good a depiction of Hell as any. Maybe Charlotte was feeling guilty about something involving Maze, so she was then her torturer? Or maybe Charlotte is a special case. We don’t exactly know what Maze’s background is other than that she’s a demon. I wouldn’t have thought that the devil could be tortured in Hell, but it was a good scene because it was easy to forgot that Luci had killed Uriel and this reminded us of the effect it had on him.

Leah: It was for sure an interesting and convincing depiction. I’m going to need more backstory on the Charlotte was in Hell situation. I mean we know she is a manipulative brat but what was it that specifically got her sent down below AND tortured by Maze?

Karen:  I think that since Lucifer was there via his death, he was subject to the same “hell” as everyone else. That’s my take on it at least. I was kinda happy that ol’ Doc Venom had to relive that humiliation over and over, and even helping Lucifer didn’t stop it. Now, re: Charlotte. I have to go on the assumption that she was “banished” and not just sent to hell normally – as is said on the show – and that’s a well-defined distinction. I think banishment may be something much more sinister than just landing there, and isn’t THAT a scary thought?

Race for the Cure. Maze and Linda work with Luci at the hospital, while Ella and Dan work on the formula in the lab. How did those scenes play for you?

Melissa: Again, something was off here. I think the writers shot themselves in the foot with that line about time in Hell moving slower than it does on Earth. I know it was meant to allow Lucifer more time in Hell, but it took away any sense of urgency. But that’s not the only problem – throughout the 24 hours, people were kind of meandering along. Instead of looking for a cure, Dan spent time with Chloe in the hospital. Instead of asking her brother outright for the needed ingredient, she and Dan wasted time with a break in and backstory. The only bright spots for me here were Maze and Dr. Linda. Especially Dr. Linda. She’s the only one who seemed aware that time was running out, that what they were doing was bananapantsbonkers, and grasped the actual outrageousness of the entire situation.

Cay: I love everything with Dr. Linda and her and Maze are great together. I also very much appreciate how she gets to voice what the viewer is often thinking, as Melissa mentioned. In the history of crazy ideas, this one was definitely up there, no doubt.

Leah: I am always team Dr. Linda and Maze. I don’t really care what they are doing, it is great, but like so many TV shows I was yelling a lot of WHAT ARE YOU DOINGS!?!?!?! at the screen followed by a few YOU DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT! Cure Chloe and then sit with her to visit, not the other way around!

Karen:  If you watch Legends of Tomorrow, you’ll get this joke – it’s not like they stood in the middle of the battlefield holding the blood of Christ while they smiled goofily saying, “hey look, I got it!” They were actually working towards something and there was a sense of *some* urgency. Was that as tense as it should’ve been? Eh, maybe not so much. It was kinda messy and willy-nilly, but the stuff in the hospital was great. Lucifer interacting with the Doctor in hell was pretty fantastic as well. Talk about karma…

We learned quite a bit about Ella in this episode. Did you enjoy meeting her brother and hearing about their pasts?

Melissa: I did. I just wish it hadn’t been when Chloe was literally moments away from death.

Cay: yeah, the timing seemed inappropriate although it was interesting. I like that she comes across as goody-goody, but then throws in these little gems alluding to her past life. Kind of sketchy that they needed some illegal fuel additive that sounds like an explosive as part of an antidote?

Leah: What they said!

Karen:  I like learning more about Ella, mostly because I just don’t have a good handle on her. A team-up with Dan was an interesting idea, and if this episode had been a two-parter, I’d have been much happier with the whole concept. Take the idea and run with it.

Lucifer is gone! Predictions? Go wild here. Theories on where he went, when he’ll be back, what he’s doing, etc.

Melissa: I don’t know. Vegas licking his wounds?

Cay: If the devil leaves LA, what better place to go than Sin City? Although if both of think he’d go there, maybe that’s too predictable. He could be backpacking in the Canadian Rockies, communing with nature – his family would never expect to find him there.  

Leah: He’s probably down the road in Anaheim visiting Disney. His own hell on earth would have to be all of those happy people and so many children! I don’t know if his leaving was to get back to being “bad” or atone for whatever part of everything he feels he is responsible for.

Karen:  I have a feeling he’s either hiding in plain sight or he’s FAR away. He’s either right under their noses, or he’s in NYC. He’s a man of extremes.

VIP? Favorite lines, scenes, etc?

Melissa: My MVP is Dr. Linda. As I said earlier, she’s the only one who seemed to grasp the urgency and ridiculousness of the situation. “Do you guys do this often? These celestial planning meetings?” “I just read that. On the way over here. What am I doing?!?” Maze is my runner up. For a demon with no soul, she sure had a powerful emotional reaction when it appeared Lucifer wasn’t going to come back from Hell.

Cay: Yes, definitely the two of them talking about the scrubs and fighting over who would kill Luci! In the least favorite scene category, definitely the fact that Luci seems to think that just because God put Chloe on earth that he controls everything else that happens with her. It seems like based on what he knows of Chloe that he would recognize free will. I’m feeling really bad for Chloe now because there is no way for her to understand without knowing who he really is.

Leah: Dr. Linda, for sure.

Karen: I agree with Melissa 100% Linda and Maze can share the top title. I’d give Amenadiel runner up position for his utter loyalty to Lucifer.

BTW, the song played over the resuscitation scene is Unsteady by X Ambassadors. I downloaded it IMMEDIATELY after I watched the episode. 🙂

Cay: yes, love this song and it was used to good effect here

Leah: As always the music is one of the best characters on the show!

Note: our answers were given before any press releases or promos. That being said, here are some press releases, promos and promo pics. 🙂


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Guest: Lindsey Gort (The Carrie Diaries) as Candy Morningstar, Jonathan Togo (CSI: Miami) as Anthony Annan, Minni Jo Mazzola (Parks & Rec) as Marla, James Neate as Doug, Kwasi Thomas as Shane and Felisha Terrell as Courtney Sax

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Cast: Tom Ellis as Lucifer, Lauren German as Chloe, DB Woodside as Amenadiel, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze, Kevin Alejandro as Dan, Scarlett Estevez as Trixie, Rachael Harris as Linda Martin, Tricia Helfer as Charlotte and Aimee Garcia as Ella.

Guest Cast: Geoffrey Owens (The Cosby Show) as Murray, Kwesi Ameyaw as Craig, Marco Soriano as Jon, Ryan Bittle as Mr. Taylor, Alison Becker (Parks & Rec) as Madison, Luke Kilvert as Ranger, Christian Convery (Legion) as Ethan, Emily Holmes as Joy, Farrah Aviva as Yoga Mom Sonya, Kendra Westwood as Fiona, Brian Calvert as Steve, Johanna Olson as Debbie Lang

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