WYNONNA EARP: Season 2 Premiere Date Announced

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April 1st is historically all about the pranks but I promise you this is no joke – Wynonna Earp cast has announced their season 2 premiere date. JUNE 9th!

As reported by Variety: Showrunner and executive producer Emily Andras says in Season 2, “There are a lot of crises of identity across the board. We’re going to look at the idea of free will this season, because a lot of our characters are thrust into situations where they don’t feel like they’re making their own decisions.”

If June 9th seems a long way off I have some more good news – Netflix has the first season available to binge. Now you can watch all the demon hunting, sister drama, hot Doc Holliday fun as often as you’d like.

WYNONNA EARP returns June 9th on Syfy

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