THE MINDY PROJECT announces sixth and final season

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Hot off the heels of yesterday’s season five finale, Hulu has announced that The Mindy Project will air its sixth and final season this September. While this fangirl can’t say she’s surprised, I’m relieved and grateful that the show is getting an opportunity to properly wrap things up. There is no word on how many episodes the season will be, but we’re going to start to make our wish list now of things we hope to see in the final season, starting with seeing Chris Messina’s Danny on the show again. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ben and understand that the Mindy/Danny ship has sailed, but it would be nice to see Danny make one last (or last few!) appearance on the show. They don’t have to get back together, but c’mon how about a proper acknowledgement of Leo and that his daddy is still in the picture? Only time will tell.

Catch up on episodes of The Mindy Project on Hulu.

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