THE EXPANSE: 5 UNANSWERED Questions from ‘Pyre’

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1. Who or WHAT is the voice of the Protomolecule that is on Ganyamede Station?

Dare we hope something survived of Miller and Mao after the crash?
Wouldn’t that be offing amazing? Is anyone else besides me continuing to hope against hope Miller SOMEHOW survived?

2. Why did the Dr. Strickland save the child?

One question again, leads to another. Why was Dr. Strickland hiding out as a pediatrician on Ganymede? Will Praxideke find his daughter Meng? I do hope she does not suffer the same fate as Julie Mao. At least the soybean got a happy ending! That may be the only one we receive!

3. Will Holden and Naomi’s relationship survive the secrets
they are hiding?

These two Type A personalities each has definite ideas on the “right thing to do.” It’s clear our lovebirds share a unique bond, but lack of trust may be a flaw fatal to their union.

4. AMOS! If he’s falling apart what does that mean for the rest of us?

The mystery behind his one dimensional emotional behavior has been growing for some time. Is Lydia Maalouf his mother? What happened to him. The answer may break all our hearts.

5. Which team are you on? Belter, Earther or Martian?


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