ONE CHICAGO Women: Chicago Justice 1×02, 1×03 & Chicago Med 2×16 recap

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We had a double dose of Chicago Justice this week and a dose of Chicago Med, as well as some of our other favorite ONE CHICAGO ladies popping up on these two shows. Read on to get up to date with the ONE CHICAGO leading ladies…

CHICAGO JUSTICE — “See Something” Episode 103 — Pictured: Monica Barbaro as Anna Valdez — (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Anna Valdez: Sunday’s episode of Justice opens with Valdez visiting P.D.‘s District 21 to offer a deal to a defendant in the drunk tank. His lawyer rejects the deal and also happens to be representing the accused’s cellmate too. When Valdez returns to the office, Stone tells her that she’ll be first chair on the case with drunk tank guy 1. Things take a twist when drunk tank guy 2, aka the cellmate, dies but not from alcohol poisoning or natural causes, instead an injury caused while in police custody. P.D.‘s Atwater was the arresting officer and is accused of manhandling the deceased a bit too rough, leading to his death and the Grand Jury decides to indict him for first degree murder. Yowch! While things look a bit dire for Atwater, in the end the State’s Attorney team figure out that Atwater is innocent that it was actually drunk tank guy 1 who killed the victim, and all in the name of a cigarette!

On Tuesday’s episode of Justice, the State Attorney’s office are working on a case where a Muslim student was brutally bashed and left for dead. Valdez is quite sensitive about the case and the way her colleagues react to it, particularly when it’s revealed that perhaps the student’s former roommate who is also a fellow Muslim, killed the victim. Stone and Jeffries make remarks about how the latest defendant could be seen by the jury and a disgusted Valdez walks out of the room, but not before accusing the two men of being racist. The case takes a turn when the former roommate reveals he killed his roommate because he was a terrorist and he was being a good American hero, not a criminal. In the end he is found guilty.

CHICAGO JUSTICE — “Uncertainty Principle” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Monica Barbaro as Anna Valdez, Joelle Carter as Laura Nagel, Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson — (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Laura Nagel: In Sunday’s episode, Nagel and her partner Antonio Dawson look into the circumstances surrounding Atwater arresting a perp who later ends up dead due to injuries while in police custody. Having worked with Atwater for a few years in Intelligence, Dawson knows that Atwater is innocent. Nagel is not as easily swayed and thinks Dawson’s bias is clouding his judgement. She does however pick up a detail that leads the SA office to realize that drunk tank guy 1 was lying and that Atwater is innocent.

In Tuesday’s episode, Nagel and Dawson visit the frathouse that the original accused belongs to and Nagel cracks jokes about the last time she was at one. Before it is revealed who really killed the Muslim student, Danny, Nagel and Dawson believe that Danny’s former roommate did it and show up at the college but he seems them and bolts. Nagel manages to launch herself at him (very cool moment by the way), before detaining him and arresting him.

Erin Lindsay: When a patient on Med who has been in a vegetative state for five years, ends up pregnant, Lindsay appears to investigate the rape.

Kim Burgess: Burgess pops up on Sunday’s episode of Justice when Dawson shows up at District 21 to speak to Atwater before the whole Atwater being accused of murder saga goes down.

Trudy Platt: With Sunday’s Justice episode involving major players from P.D. and thus visits to District 21, we see Platt throughout the episode. She watches on when Atwater gets taken to the State Attorney’s office.

Sharon Goodwin: Goodwin has two major cases on her hands this week. When a patient has been brought in a vegatative state, Goodwin contacts parents when it looks like the patient was raped and as a result is now pregnant. She warns the parents that going ahead with the pregnancy could be dangerous for their daughter but at the end of the day they are the guardians and therefore the decision is in their hands. They decide to keep the baby. The second case this week involves a mother from Ecuador who had drugs inside of her and whether to report it. The statements April, Clarke and Dr Choi give her are enough to suggest that no harm was intended.

Maggie Lockwood: Maggie is concerned that April is back at work so soon after losing her baby. When April gets a bit frustrated at how people are treating her, Maggie reminds her that people are trying but don’t know how to react. Maggie also supports Natalie and her views on the case of the vegetative state woman who was assaulted. Maggie acts as Nat’s sounding board when she needs to vent and when it seems like the patient is being released into another long term care facility, she’s just as shocked as Nat that there’s nothing they can do so that the patient can remain at Med.

CHICAGO MED — “Prisoner’s Dilemma” Episode 216 — Pictured: Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning — (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Dr Natalie Manning: Dr Manning is treating a woman who has been in a vegetative state for last five years but her care facility have noticed blood in her urine. Manning soon realizes that the woman is pregnant and orders Maggie to call the police as the blood is likely due to vaginal tearing. When the woman’s parents come in, Manning and Goodwin tell them that it’s not too late to terminate the pregnancy and the parents are upset that they could suggest such a thing since the baby is all they have left of their daughter for now. Natalie is equally upset that they want to continue with the pregnancy and that the patient has no say in the matter. As she rants to Maggie about the unfairness of the situation, she notices the patient’s eye move. Although the tests come back and don’t suggest any change, Nat is still convinced that there has been a change and asks Neurology to take a look. They don’t pick up on anything either, but then have a second thought and suggest redoing the test as some coma patients become nocturnal. Finally, they prove that the patient is not brain dead, but rather has ‘locked-in’ syndrome where she is awake but paralyzed and locked in her own body. With help, there are ways that the patient can communicate.

CHICAGO MED — “Prisoner’s Dilemma” Episode 216 — Pictured: Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

April Sexton: Although she claims she’s good to return to work, the recent tragedy of her unborn baby dying is clearly affecting April’s judgement in this episode. She admits to Maggie that she and Tate are struggling with the loss and that things are weird with them at home so she would rather be at work. April’s brother Noah is concerned for her too and in a sweet gesture brings her treats that she used to like as a kid and tries to make plans with her to hang out after work but she shuts him down. Initially she and Dr Choi are treating a 7-year-old girl from Ecuador who collapsed mid-flight due to her heart condition, but the mother soon begins to fall ill and refuses treatment. April follows her to the bathroom and finds her vomiting up bags of drugs. The mother agreed to be a drug mule so that her daughter could make it America and have her operation. Things take a turn when one of the bags, which happens to be filled with cocaine, gets stuck inside her. The mother begs them not to inform the police as she will be executed in her home country. April sides with her and asks Clarke and Dr Choi not to say anything to Goodwin. When they operate on the patient and try to get the bags out, one bursts and the doctors have no choice but to report it otherwise they’ll be committing a felony. When they go and report it to Goodwin, before the others can answer, April tells Goodwin that they only found one bag inside the patient and therefore there was no intent to sell. Clarke backs her up and Dr Choi has no choice but to follow. Afterwards he warns them never to put him in that position again. April says that the mother was just trying to protect her child and she would have done the same thing if she were in her shoes. At the end of the ep she sees Noah, who apologizes and then April breaks down in his arms.

CHICAGO MED — “Prisoner’s Dilemma” Episode 216 — Pictured: Rachel DiPillo as Sarah Reese — (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Dr Sarah Reese: Reese is touring a youth psychiatric facility when a young patient there tells her that she’s not crazy and doesn’t belong there. Before moving on, Reese tells her that crazy is not a word that she personally uses. Next thing she knows, the teenager is admitted to Med after a suicide attempt but she protests that she wasn’t trying to kill herself, she was just trying to find a way to get in touch with Dr Reese again since Reese was the only one who didn’t think she was crazy. The young patient declares that she was wrongfully admitted into the psychiatric facility and she was just defending herself against her bi-polar mother, who attacked her with a hammer. Dr Charles wonders how the patient knew how to find Reese and warns her that you have to be careful when dealing with youths as  they can misinterpret what you say. Reese ends up looking into the patient’s background and discovers that the mother’s testimony was what had the teenager admitted. The teen’s psychiatrist arrives and when Dr Charles starts asking questions, she becomes defensive and tells him to worry about his own patients. Dr Charles tells Dr Reese that he will file an appeal to change the patient’s diagnosis but the patient, distraught that she’s about to be discharged and return to the facility, slashes her wrists and the alarms in her hospital room go off. It looks like that appeal just got a lot more harder and Reese blames herself for giving the patient false hope. Dr Charles tells her that he will still fight for the appeal.

Chicago Justice airs Sundays at 9/8c, Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10/9c, Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c and Chicago Med airs Thursdays at 9/8c. All four shows air on NBC.

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