The Vampire Diaries: We’re Planning A June Wedding {Recap}

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Wow! I can’t believe how things are turning out in Mystic Falls! We have one more week guys and that’s it! There are so many twists, turns, and surprise returns. We have a lot to cover so grab your drink of choice (my cocktail for this episode was a Grey Goose Blingtini because I was feeling fancy) and let’s dig in!

Now that Katherine is the queen of hell, the plan to drag her out of hiding was to play on her jealousy. She was obsessed with Stefan so they knew she wouldn’t stay away from Stefan and Caroline’s wedding, so they were using the wedding to tease her. Wonderful… just the guest a bride wants to show up.

Matt’s mom returned and she was sitting with Matt at the grill but something seemed off with her. She went in the bathroom and started spitting blackish blood in the sink…Eww! Then a girl came in and Mrs. Donovan started talking about how that’s what happens when you return from hell and then she sliced the girl with a knife! What the hell?

Bonnie refused to go to the wedding because she couldn’t support Stefan’s happiness, but Enzo tried to talk her out of it. He told her the Stefan that killed him died when she made him human Sidebar: Stefan proved just how human he is when he went drinking with Damon and came back drunk as hell! Hilarious! Damon needs a new drinking buddy because Stefan can’t hang anymore.

At the wedding Mrs. Donovan saw Mr. Donovan and sliced him too, right after he shared with her that Stefan had the dagger. Mrs. Donovan is out of control!

Caroline had several sweet moments, one with Damon where he gave her Elena’s necklace for the wedding as something borrowed, one with Alaric when he brought the girls to the wedding and surprised her but he left because it was painful for him. He still loves Caroline but wished her happiness. I wanted to hug him through the screen! Lastly, it was pretty sweet when Bonnie showed up at the last minute to be the bridesmaid. She told Caroline that she wanted to be part of her happiness. Aw Besties!

It was go time and Caroline was absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress. Matt’s mom got at text from an unknown number that read “Game on!” Matt questioned where his Dad was but she claimed she hadn’t seen him. Damon was performing the ceremony and said if anyone has any reason to object this wedding speak now. They were expecting Katherine to show up but that was too easy and we didn’t know if she was there for sure, but we do know the necklace Caroline was wearing belonged to Katherine (Caroline thought it was a wedding gift from Stefan). Matt’s mom left and Matt followed.

Since there were no objections they went through with the wedding. They spoke their vows to each other and kissed and it was everything you would want for their wedding. It was perfect until Matt’s mom got up to make a toast at the reception. She talked about making out with Damon once (lucky lady) and everyone thought she was drunk at first, then realized she was working with Katherine. She said that she didn’t know where Katherine was because she set up a gas leak in the house where Bonnie and the girls were. Caroline ran off to get them and right when she got to the house it blew up! OMG!

Inside the house, the girls were siphoning magic from Bonnie inside and they were ok (everyone outside feared they were dead). Enzo showed up and told Bonnie to fight and use her magic to live. She was afraid she’d lose Enzo but he told her he believed the opposite. He said he knew they’d be together again. She was crying but started a spell and told the girls to do what she did. Bonnie and Enzo said “I love you” maybe for the last time through fiery flames. So sweet. Bonnie and the girls used the spell to put out the fire and they were safe.

Damon and Matt questioned Mrs. Donovan about Katherine and what her plan was. They found out that she planned to burn down Mystic Falls that night. Matt said it wasn’t possible because she needed a Donovan and he nor his Dad would ring the bell. Well here’s the twist…Katherine brought Vicki back from the dead, and there she was in all her glory standing at the bell! I totally did not see that coming!

Vicki rang the bell once and Bonnie grabbed her ears and fell in Stefan’s arms to the ground and Mrs. Donovan spit more black blood and fell to the ground. And that was the end! OMG!!!! We only have one more episode left forever!

What did you think of this episode? Will Katherine destroy Mystic Falls? Who can stop her? Will Bonnie survive? How will it all end? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to follow along with us for the series finale of The Vampire Diaries on March 10th at 8/7c on the CW. I’ll be live tweeting from Mystic Falls so follow along @Lisa_NGTV and @NiceGirlsTV

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