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Nice Boy of the Week: Christian Slater

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Having been a long time Christian Slater fan made it all that more excited when he sat down at my press table to talk about his current role on TNT’s Mr. Robot.

From just our short interactions I have to say that Slater is a well seasoned professional. In talking about the difficulties of playing Mr. Robot (Elliot’s alter-ego father) he spoke about how closely they had to work and how after the finale of season one and going into season two the dynamic between Remi and him change completely. After the season ending revelation that Mr. Robot was really a part of Elliot’s mind Remi had to change how his character and how Slater’s character interact to the point of completely ignoring him on set. For such a tight crew they really go the distance to bring a level of truth to these complex characters.

Slater also talked a bit about how he prepares for intense scenes running them over and over before shooting to be as comfortable as possible beforehand. That dedication shows through! If you haven’t started Mr. Robot you’ve got some catching up to do so check out the pure dedication and talent that Christian Slater brings to the table!