The EXPANSE: Miller’s the ULTIMATE Anti-Hero!

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Warning: Spoiler Alert.

I KNEW IT! Miller’s gonna save us all! There’s a champion in that Belter after all!

Tonight’s episode had me feeling all the feels for Miller (Thomas Jane). The Expanse delivered up a wholly original and heart rending resolution to a long due storyline. Julie Mao (Florence Faivre).

During the first season, the detective’s growing fascination, attraction and respect for Julie Mao was beautiful. His too-little-too-late discovery of the heriess rang hollow at the end of the first season leaving this viewer wanting more.

Thankfully, Miller shared and continued that sense of unfinished business into the second season giving hope for a resolution. Julie Mao was the case that wouldn’t go away even in death. There must be more.

The solution came together brilliantly and touched upon all the things I hoped were true for our anti-hero. Thomas Jane breathed life in Miller and created a character that rang true to the soul. The story arc was brilliantly crafted and delicately shaped with just enough bread crumbs to keep us hoping against all odds for some kind of real reunion between the former detective and Mao.

It came full circle, back where it all began, at the Blue Falcon. Miller grasped what everyone else failed to identify in the failed lab experiment. “Everything happened here is all built around Julie. What if she infected the Proto Molecule back? I think she’s controlling the whole thing.”

And dammed if Miller wasn’t right! The detective followed his gut to the center reuniting with his hearts desire. I watched their meeting three times tonight, and it just keeps getting better. The former detective’s words to her revealed a heart of gold hidden underneath a carefully crafted self-centered outer shell.

“Hey, can you hear me? You need to come back to me now. Kid, I came an an awful long way to find you. Because I believe in you.”

When the chips were down and it most counted, Miller knew exactly what to say to reach what remained of Mao. Julie’s words too, tore at heart strings when she expressed her simple longing to return home. Miller wasn’t afraid to speak the harsh truth of the situation and delivered a promise anyone would want to hear when facing inconceivable fears. “We can’t go home honey. I need you to know, whatever happens, wherever you go, you’re not going to do it alone.”

The detective cemented his choice to remain with Mao by taking off his suit and embracing his fate with her. We watched in horror as Eros crashed into nearby Venus.

This leaves me with obvious questions. Did Miller somehow survive? Did Mao survive as well? What does it mean if they did?

Miller wondered the same. “If we don’t die that would be interesting. Whatever happens happens to both of us. It’s gonna be okay.” One thing is for sure; that guy has more lives than any cat I’ve ever met. This viewer is going to be decidedly #TeamMiller for quite some time in the stubborn hope he will come back to us all.
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