MAJOR CRIMES: “Heart Failure” {Recap}

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Major Crimes returns for the back half of Season Five with a heart-breaking episode, “Heart Failure”, where the team follows a dead women with a mysterious set of lovers and ex-lovers.

However, like many of the shows on TNT, the focus of the show is not in the case of the week, but in the relationships between the team working in Major Crimes Unit of the LAPD.

Detective Raydor (Mary McDonnell) now has her ex-boyfriend as a boss, a fellow female officer, Winnie Davis out for blood (played by Carmyn Manheim), and a set of officers under her who are not always willing to play by the rules.

The dynamic between Raydor and Davis is contentious at best, and openly hostile at worst, but that can play out in a variety of ways as Major Crimes goes about new cases each week.

However, even if Raydor’s team gives her troubles, she still has her son, Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin), who still has his own issues with a boyfriend. His story has been rocky in the last few seasons and now that he is safely interning with the DA, his love life seems to be the way to create drama.

Major Crimes airs Wedensdays at 9PM/8PM Central on TNT. It will return for a sixth season next fall.

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