The Vampire Diaries: The Lies Will Catch Up With You {Recap}

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Hello TVD Fans! Can I just start out by recapping the issues I can’t seem to digest, Stefan is human, Enzo is dead and Kai is back! What the hell? They really have hit us with the one-two punch leading up to the series finale. That is why I pair a nice cocktail with my recaps and my drink of choice for this episode is a skinny girl margarita (I needed something a little stronger than wine this week…Ha Ha). This episode is all about redemption, so you know the drill peeps, let’s get down to it!

Now that Stefan is human, all the people that he’s compelled over the years are starting to remember his bad deeds, including Dorian, Alaric’s research assistant. He remembered that Stefan killed his mother and his sister but compelled him to think they died in a house fire.  Dorian wanted revenge so he kidnapped Stefan, pointed a gun to him, handed him a shovel and told him to dig.

Mystic Falls went a little crazy with people remembering things about Stefan so Matt had Caroline come to the police station and compel each person after they shared their dreaded Stefan story. It was tough for Caroline to hear how many people Stefan hurt and killed, but she was trying her best to make things right.

Dorian was pissed and past his point of forgiveness with Stefan. Despite Stefan trying to do the right thing as a human, it was too late, The damage is done and Dorian took his gun and shot Stefan. Stefan then fell into the grave that he had just finished digging. Good lord! We are only 15 minutes into the episode people! Deep breath and sip your drink (also feel free to share what you’re drinking in the comment section below).

Because of her psychic intuition, Bonnie met with Cade hoping to find out how to save Enzo. They held hands and Cade told her think about the moment Enzo dies and to open up her mind. Bonnie concentrated until she found him in an alternate universe that looked like the cabin where they fell in love. He told her to stay away from Cade and not to tell him that she found him because Cade wanted Enzo’s soul to go to hell. When Bonnie came to she told Cade that she didn’t see Enzo, but Cade knew she was lying. We found out that when Enzo died and Bonnie screamed she opened a hidden psychic world only connected to her, and that is where Enzo is. Poor Bonnie! I swear every time we think she is going to get a happy ending, something devastating happens to her.

Dorian started to regret shooting Stefan as he watched him bleed out, so he called Matt for help. Caroline overheard and came to the rescue. Stefan was dying and he had a meeting with Cade. Cade tried to tell Stefan it would be better for Caroline if he died today, but Stefan wanted to live and he did (thanks to the hospital). In the hospital Stefan tried to break it off with Caroline because he felt like he should leave Mystic falls and find out who he is as a human, but Caroline is not having that. He didn’t know what kind of future they had and Caroline didn’t either but she refused to give up on him.

Kai and Damon are a funny pair. Kai wanted Damon to help him from going back to hell and he offered to save Elena for Damon’s help. Kai isn’t really alive or a ghost, it’s like he’s in a alternate space with one foot on earth and one foot in hell. He wants to stay on earth, so he’ll say or do whatever it takes to do just that. Weirdly enough, Kai can still do magic but only if he siphons himself.

Damon brought Kai to Elena and Kai said that he would need more energy to perform the level magic needed to bring Elena back so he siphoned Damon. While he was draining Damon of his energy, he told him that one thing he learned in hell is that there is no redemption. He refused to go back there. Kai touched Elena’s coffin and they both were gone, leaving Damon weak and he fell to the ground. OMG! Is Damon dead?

What a cliffhanger! I can’t believe there are only 3 episodes left of the series. Are you starting to get a little emotional? I can’t wait to see how it all pans out. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Same time next week!

The Vampire Diaries airs Friday nights at 8/7c on The CW.


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