Nice Boy of the Day: Grant Gustin

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Day five and our Nice Boy is Grant Gustin

Nominated by Melissa because, “I just made a Sophomore girl CRY because I’ve interviewed Grant Gustin, so I think I’ll pick him. :)”

Grant Gustin РBarry Allen/The Flash on The Flash 
I had the opportunity to interview Grant Gustin at Comic Con last year, and he was delightful. Just as Stephen Amell stepped into the role of Oliver/Green Arrow to lead his show, and those coming behind it, Grant has stepped in and become a leader on The Flash and within the WB/DC Universe. His enthusiasm for his work and the people he gets to collaborate with is endearing. He is articulate and kind and complimentary of others. And of course our shared obsession with Harry Potter elevates him in my opinion!

The Flash airs Tuesday 8/7c on CW

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