TIMELESS: 48 Thoughts on Public Enemy No. 1

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The Timeless team gets back the band back together in order to go after Flynn. They end up in 1931 where Flynn is playing nice with Al Capone.

1. Flynn in a church and he didn’t burst into flames?
2. Flynn looks a little defeated.
3. Fate is a tricky thing.
4. If Rittenhouse had that many agents at the NSA already why didn’t they just take over the project to begin with?
5. Wow – they want them to kill Flynn’s mother?!?!?
6. And is Mr. Angry NSA actually going to threaten Lucy the Legacy?
7. Also why is Lucy’s Dad there? He may be Rittenhouse, but how does he justify his presence at Mason Industries?
8. Their new agent for traveling is an angry man.
9. Rufus with the tranq gun!
10. Uh, Rufus *is* smarter than you Mason.
11. Mason picked the wrong side!
12. “Your sense of calm is annoying.”
13. Ahhh, Wyatt is super cute. He wants to get Amy back for Lucy.
14. The hugging and smiles is so adorable.
15. I feel like I haven’t talked enough about how hot Wyatt is lately.

(Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

16. Al Capone – the casting department is so great at who they cast as the historical figures.
17. Oh good, Al Capone owes Flynn a favor.
18. Rousing, “Go Team” speech by Wyatt.
19. You would think Rufus would have explained Rittenhouse to Jiya BEFORE asking her to betray Mason Ind.
20. I do not love this new angry NSA Agent.
21. Also Agent Christopher is down.
22. Al Capone is a charming bastard.
23. Elliot Ness isn’t playing.
24. Connery, Costner and Di Nero – quite the private investigators.
25. Jiya is a badass. No wonder Rufus loves her.
26. When is Mason going to stop all of this? He needs to pick the right side and knock it off.
27. Imagine getting live advice from Elliot Ness?
28. Oh shit! Elliot Ness is dead! This messes up history!
29. “I’m wearing button fly jeans from The Gap!”
30. One problem at a time is Wyatt’s motto.
31. There are really no different clothes they could swipe? They stole a car, but they can’t get appropriate clothes?
32. Did not know Capone’s brother was a cop.

(Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

33. The Mayor is Rittenhouse, how surprising.
34. Wyatt doesn’t like the threatening. The look on his face was fierce.
35. A Rittenhouse meeting? Everyone together? That doesn’t seem safe.
36. And now Flynn knows.
37. Leaving Jiya in a room with so much random tech seems just dumb on Mason’s part.
38. “I’m likeable” Yes you are Rufus, yes you are.
39. Al Capone just told all of Flynn’s Rittenhouse secrets. Now the team knows about the Rittenhouse meeting!
40. Does Wyatt have a gun? Because Al is starting to get a little uppity.
41. And there it is. Guns all around.
42. Rufus needs to get out of the way!
43. Wyatt may have just saved Rufus’s life.
44. Oh no! Rufus is shot!
45. Capone is too though so….justice?
46. Mason is a bastard. Did I say that yet? I feel like I need to say it again.
47. I know Rufus is the pilot but don’t you think how to fly should have been possibly explained to the rest of the team for situations like this?
48. OH NO! Rufus!

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