Nice Boy of the Day: Sam Palladio

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In honor of Valentine’s Day we are highlighting a Nice Boy of the Day all week. So be sure to check back each day to see who we’ve picked.

First up is the extremely adorable Sam Palladio.

Nominated by Ange

Sam Palladio – Gunnar Scott on Nashville
He may play an American country crooner, but in real life Sam is actually from Cornwall, England and that British accent along with that amazing voice (especially when he hits those high notes) just makes me swoon! I had the pleasure of not only meeting Sam but also watched him perform live when he came down to Australia last year and just when I thought I couldn’t love him more than I did, he had me falling even more head over heels for him. As a fan of Sam’s since day one of Nashville, I was always aware of his gratefulness for the show, his love for music and overall earnestness, but he truly is a nice guy, appreciative of all the opportunities he has had and is happy to chat with fans – taking the time to shake their hand and ask them their names. (Yep, never washing that hand again.) He truly is the definition of a Nice Guy.

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