Blindspot Roundtable “Name Not One Man”

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Wednesday’s new episode of Blindspot finally gave viewers some real answers on Shepherd and a look at when her obsession with Weller got started; but it still left us hanging with more “why’s” and reactions to some other unexpected outcomes.

Please join us as Leah, Lisa, Cay and Rueben discuss their thoughts on the episode.

1. How great was it to see to see a glimpse of Weller’s past?

Leah: Good because I’m starting to get tired of waiting on Shepherd/Weller information. Finally…some info!

Lisa: I was like finally!! A piece of the puzzle! I still can’t believe how fixated Shepherd is on Weller! She really has a plan for him.

Cay: I felt the same way – I feel like we finally got a big chunk of the story – both about Shepherd and Weller. I wonder if she was involved in other things in his life. We also really got a hint of the animosity between Weller and his dad.

Rueben: It was great to finally get the tie-in to Shepherd and Weller; and to see at least a glimpse to his past. It finally gave us a look at where he started.

2. We finally got some intel on Shepherd: her real name, who she was before Sandstorm and that she is apesh*t crazy. Do you think we’ll continue to learn more about her?

Leah: She is completely insane. We have to learn more because even with all the reveals we still don’t know a whole lot.

Lisa: We still have so much to learn about her crazy ass and I think it’s only going to get crazier.

Cay: The big piece is what turned her from a career military officer to a terrorist and that’s still very unclear. Her reach is pretty impressive for her to be able to orchestrate so much. And clearly Weller plays enough of a role that she needs him alive to put everything in motion…or does she care too much for him to kill him when she had the chance?

Rueben: I agree with Cay. What was the turning point to make Ellen Briggs become Shepherd? How does she still have all those connections? And why is Weller just a key component that she would leave him alive after taking him? We may have gotten some answers, but we need so much more.

NOTE: Roz wasn’t able to join us for this roundtable, but she did want to make sure that everyone knows that she “thinks Shepherd is CRAZY!!!!”

3. Did you pick up on the key words that Clark told Weller at the nursing home before or after Weller figured out what the old man was actually trying to tell him?

Leah: I figured it was code of some kind but I had no idea what he was getting at.

Lisa: I knew something was up, but I didn’t figure out what it was until after Weller explained it.

Cay: I knew it probably meant something, but didn’t put too much thought into decoding it.

Rueben: Agreed, I knew there had to be some kind of code laced within what Clark was telling Weller, but I just wasn’t sure what his meaning was until Weller went back to see him.

4. FBI Agent Boyd was running an off-the-books op for TWO years without anyone else knowing? Really? Do you think Mayfair knew about the op before her death? Or did someone else give Boyd the go-ahead with the op; and if so, who?

Leah: The FBI has some serious oversite issues. And this is the one Kurt decides to deal with? I know, I know….it related to a tattoo, but that is the other thing. No one knew about it but somehow Shepherd did? Really?

Lisa: WTH? How could he get away with this? I think Mayfair knew about the Op before her death because I just can’t see something that big getting by her. But why? Why would she go along with it? Crazy!

Cay: Yeah, that op wasn’t going to end in any way but badly, so I have a hard time believing that Mayfair sanctioned it, but then again, there’s a lot about her we still don’t know.

Rueben: Cay has a great point. There is a lot about Mayfair that we still don’t know, and I have to wonder what else we’re going to learn about her. Also, why keep this secret op going for so long? If Mayfair did sanction it, who was overseeing him after her death especially given that Weller didn’t know. Was Boyd just on his own with that op? Really?!

5. Do you think that Weller’s decision to have Patterson shut down Omaha, the illegal wiretap, was a good idea or will it only jeopardize them stopping Sandstorm?

Leah: Jeopardize. I get the point he was making but Shepherd clearly doesn’t believe in the rules and in order to catch her….

Lisa: I know Weller was trying to do the right thing, but damn that. This is not the time for morals, they need every possible accessory to catch her and the wiretap was very useful. I think it will definitely jeopardize their operation.

Cay: It’s definitely tempting to use the old “if the end justifies the means” absolution, but that’s the same one that Shepherd is using to kill so many people. I was glad to see that Patterson isn’t completely alright after her experience – having her be physically and psychologically ok this soon after such a trauma would cheapen the drama and make it seem pretty unrealistic.

Rueben: I think given all they are facing with Sandstorm that they need to use any means necessary to catch them; and if that means moving forward with Omaha, then they should use it. If the roles were reversed, would Shepherd not be using it?

6. Reade seriously? You did not just take a hit off that girl’s drugs? Please tell me that you aren’t that damn dumb? What do you think he did?

Leah: Honestly. What the ever loving f*ck is going on with him? His spiral is obviously just getting started and it’s not good. Not good at all.

Lisa: GRRRRR! WTF? I mean come on! I am so frustrated with his character. I’m hoping his dumbass didn’t go through with it since they didn’t “show” it. But I am so over him right now. He needs to get it together.

Cay: Hopefully Tasha picked up that his refusal to see a therapist was indirectly proportional to his need to see one. He’s acting out and he’s going to get himself in trouble with all the stupid things he’s doing right now.

Rueben: He better not have taken a hit! But, like Leah said, he is spirally out of control. He sleeps with Freddy’s ex-girlfriend and now he’s doing drugs with her? Really?! He needs to get help and straighten himself out. Stat!!

7. Patterson passed out? We all know she’s got a lot of pressure on her – or at least a lot of pressure that’s she’s putting on her own shoulders – but the woman needs a vacation? Do you see her taking it easy or being forced to take time off?

Leah: She is going to work until she finds Borden or she doesn’t. Not before.

Lisa: I agree with Leah. She will not stop until she finds Borden. She has been going non-stop really since David died. She really needs to rest but that brilliant mind of hers won’t let her.

Cay: See my comments earlier about her – after what she’s been through, having her be completely normal would be ridiculous. We need to see her struggle as she 1) tries to find closure by catching Borden and 2) tries to heal from her trauma.

Rueben: It was only a matter of time that her body was going to give up on her. She’s been pushing herself too much and given all that she’s been through, she can’t expect it to be “business as usual.” She has got to heal and allow the team to find Borden. Sure she can help with that, but she can’t keep going at 100% anymore because her body isn’t going to let that happen. Her mind will be next and that will be much worse.

8. Do you have any other thoughts/premonitions for the future of the show?

Leah: I wish I knew where this was all going. It’s starting to drive me crazy.

Lisa: Crazy party of 2!!!!! It is driving me crazy too. But I love it! I just hope there isn’t some weird twist where Jane and Weller are related or something like that. That would totally suck.

Cay: Lisa, it would only suck if you are wanting them to be lovers! If you want them to be friends or partners, that wouldn’t necessarily matter much. I do think it’s interesting that Roman doesn’t seem all that awful right now, so maybe the doctor was wrong? Or maybe we’re just being lulled into complacency before he does something really awful?

Rueben: That’s a good point, Cay. It’s not like the show hasn’t lulled us before (hello, Dr. Borden), and this whole Roman being “calm” could just be a psych out. In other issues, I want to see more reveals on Shepherd and her obsession with Weller; and I want Reade to get his freaking act together!

The next new episode of Blindspot will air on NBC on Wednesday, February 15 at 8/7c.

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A tattoo investigation leads the team into a dark secret society.

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