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After the absence of the Big Three last week on NBC’s This Is Us, we actually saw multiple sets of the Big Three in this week’s episode. With answers revealed and even more questions emerging, Nice Girls Ange and Melissa have a lot to discuss about this week’s episode…

THIS IS US — “Three Sentences” Episode 113 — Pictured: Milo Ventimiglia as Jack — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

This week was a big one, revealing the time frame of when Jack passes, which is the Big Three as teenagers. What did you think about the way the show gave us that reveal?

Ange: While we were just given flashes of Jack’s funeral, that coupled with Kate’s breakdown was enough to bring on the waterworks. I liked that it was a subtle reveal and not a big grand fanfare – I don’t think I’m ready to actually see Jack die yet! In comparison to previous episodes, the waterworks scale for this episode as a whole was pretty low but those scenes got to me and that scene where adult Kate is trying to hold those emotions all in, as someone who also lost a parent at a young age, I felt all of Kate’s emotions so much. That’s the beauty of this show, it is real.

Melissa: Oh Lord. Yes, I wept. Kate’s primal scream…I felt that one. Having a general idea of when Jack passes – I think the kids are 15/16 – is a bit of a relief, really. We’ll have a little warning that it’s coming, right? If the flashbacks are of the kids around that age, then we’ll be prepared. At the same time, we can relax and enjoy the flashbacks when they’re younger.

THIS IS US — “Three Sentences” Episode 113 — Pictured: (l-r) Justin Hartley as Kevin, Chris Sullivan as Toby — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Another big reveal this week is that Kevin was once married and no-less to Kate’s childhood best friend! Does this information give you more insight into why he is the way he is?

Ange: Kevin was once married, let alone he married his childhood sweetheart – I seriously did not see that coming! I was literally, “wait, WHAT?!” when they revealed that piece of information. It does kind of connect some dots now that I know that, but now I want to know more and why it fell apart before I make deeper judgments. To be honest, I’m still processing this revelation, ha!

Melissa: That was a shocker! I didn’t make the connection between adult Sophie and Kate’s BFF Sophie until the show did it for me, but I was doing the math…if they’re 36 now and he left Sophie 12 years ago, then they were married really young and split when they were 24. Crikey. But if he knew he loved her at age 10, well, that’s just precious and Kevin is now about 85% more interesting.

THIS IS US — “Three Sentences” Episode 113 — Pictured: (l-r) Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Ron Cephas Jones as William — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Now that William has stopped chemo, we saw a more lighter side to his and Randall’s relationship. Was it bittersweet to watch knowing that this is basically the calm before the storm?

Ange: Oh definitely, but life is about moments and we can’t dwell on the bad. Randall ditching work to teach William how to drive and tick other things off his bucket list was sweet to watch.

Melissa: Bittersweet is the right word. It’s going to be rough when William goes.

THIS IS US — “Three Sentences” Episode 113 — Pictured: Chrissy Metz as Kate — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Thoughts on Kate and Duke aka the jerk at the camp? Is he a threat to her and Toby’s relationship?

Melissa: I do NOT like Duke. And I do NOT want that to be a love triangle. I dig that they’re giving Kate two love interests, but Duke’s behavior is raising all kinds of red flags for me. And I’m afraid Kate is vulnerable enough to be convinced that his attention is flattering, not pre-abusive (is that a word?). Run, Kate. RUN.

Ange: I agree, I do NOT want to see a love triangle! I do worry though that since Kate and Toby’s relationship has moved pretty fast that Kate may second guess their relationship and be tempted by Duke.

THIS IS US — “Three Sentences” Episode 113 — Pictured: (l-r) Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Mandy Moore as Rebecca — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Back to the past, it’s the Big Three’s 10th birthday, which prompts Jack to toy with the idea of having another kid or at the very least a dog. Thoughts? And do you think Rebecca will cave to the dog idea?

Melissa: The idea of them having another child has crossed my mind a few times, especially given how much Jack LOVES being a father. I totally understand wanting to have more babies as your children get older – my brother and sister-in-law are pregnant with Baby #11; their oldest turns 18 in April. Each age brings its own challenges, though. Three 10 year olds are certainly easier to handle than three infants or toddlers, but they’ll be teenagers soon. I think the new family member will end up being a dog.

Ange: Raising three kids that are of the same age is hard, but like Melissa I can totally understand the desire to have more babies once your kids have grown older and like you pointed us, especially since Jack absolutely adores being a father. I do think they will get a dog though.

Favorite moments or lines this week?

Ange: There were quite a few moments that I loved this week. First off the Jack and Kate ‘vogue’ scene – Milo’s facial expressions, gosh I melted! Jack Pearson really is the best TV dad out there right now, which then made him feeling like a failure when for the first time in the show’s history he couldn’t cheer Kate up, sting. I also loved the scene where Rebecca and Jack are concerned with the lack of friends turning up to Randall’s party but he’s not phased because his three really good friends turned up and to him that’s everything. (Little Randall is so precious and like the perfect child, I swear!) Then the “don’t get emotional. I’m not emotional, you’re emotional” exchange between Rebecca and Jack and them talking about how Randall is an awesome kid was another favorite scene for me this week.Ten-year-old Kevin proclaiming he loves Sophie also gave me the feels too.

Melissa: Yes. All of the above. I don’t think we’ve given the child actors enough credit for their work so far. They’re pretty great. And again, Jack and Rebecca are amazing. I think all of that is encapsulated in that first scene when Jack and Rebecca are about to enjoy some adult time but Kevin and Kate burst in to call a meeting, followed by pragmatic Randall joining them to decide that they want separate parties. I loved that scene.

Ange: Agree, the child actors are fantastic! They really nailed the casting on this show.

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