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Nice Boy of the week: Rami Malek

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This past year at Comic Con I had the opportunity to sit down with Rami Malek who we know as Elliot from TNT’s Mr. Robot. I got some really great answers about his character and how it is to play a character like Elliot as well as a bit of insight into just how tight nit of a family this cast really is.

He looks forward to playing the challenging scenes where he goes to dark places physically and mentally. “That’s what makes him so special to me – He perseveres and manages to wiggle his way out of situations – but he’s flawed.”

In talking about getting into character ” Some days I go to a quiet place, sometimes it helps to be close to Sam and the cast because I depend on them and there’s that feeling of nurture that I need sometimes before I go into something that grimy”

One thing that was really great to see throughout the interview was just how close this cast is. Rami mentioned more than once how much they rely on each other to get through some of the harder scenes and how well they all play off of each other.

Rami’s commitment to the role is first and foremost and all you really have to do is watch the show to see that but in talking to him we’ve gotten to see just how much he really cares for Elliot and works to create such a complex and fun to watch character. It truly was a pleasure getting to hear a bit of the background on how he makes Elliot real.

You can watch a video of the interview here.