LUCIFER: “Love Handles,” Flirting, & Creepy Tim DeKay

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This week Lucifer brought us arguably the creepiest villain we’ve seen so far, leavened with awkward flirtation, and major developments in Lucifer & Chloe’s relationship. Karen, Lisa, Cay, and Melissa weigh in on “Love Handles” below.

Right, let’s start at the beginning, with the Big Tease: Chloe’s dream. Who wants to engage in a little armchair dream analysis?
Karen: HAWT! I was really let down when I realized it wasn’t what really happened, but when I saw Maze eating popcorn in Chloe’s room, it made things better. Also, it was super revealing that she dreamt about his horns – in more than one way.

Lisa: *Fanning Myself* Mercy! That was some dream! I knew it was a dream all along though so I didn’t get too excited. lol Maze eating popcorn watching the show…Priceless!

Cay: I assumed it was a dream from the beginning as well. It was telling, though, because it suggests that Chloe does know Luci’s true self even if she’s not ready to admit it consciously. Maze watching was both creepy and funny!

Melissa: Yes, it was obvious pretty early on that this was a dream, whetting our appetites for the real deal. The horns, though…deep down, Chloe knows who he is, right?

What did you think about Chloe’s attempts to “be impulsive” with Lucifer, and Lucifer’s reaction?
Karen: Adorable. And I loved that Lucifer had no idea what to do with all of that. He was so confused. When they kept talking in metaphors, I was really hurting for them. Luci started thinking that Chloe was being manipulated by Charlotte, and that was sad enough, but then… ugh.

Lisa: So cute. Poor Lucifer didn’t have a clue! I like seeing that side of him.

Cay: It was fun to watch the awkwardness! I noticed that Luci still calls her “Detective”, even in private. Interesting, even after she’s kissed him and he realizes that he’s falling in love with her.

Melissa: He did correct himself when talking about Chloe to his mom and Maze, though. Which made the news from Charlotte even more heartbreaking. But back to the flirting – so adorable! I was also amused by Lucifer’s conversation with Dr. Linda, deciding that Chloe must now be under his spell while Dr. Linda is just like, denial much?

The villain this week was particularly twisted. What did you think about his “experiment”? Would you be able to make the same choice the doctor did?
Karen: Well, Tim DeKay is awesome, so the acting was amazing, but wow. Creepytown. Honestly? I hate that I’d do this, but I think I’d just let the other person die. That makes me a horrible person, right? I totally got where Luci was coming from though. What was to stop him from becoming a “terrorist?” To just continue to make demands and never fulfill his promise? Nope, I’d just say no to the option and let the chips fall where they may. I’d just assume I’d be dead after that anyway. Dude is a killer.

Lisa: I agree with Karen. The acting was awesome and he defined a new level of creepy for me. There is no way in hell I’m sticking my hand in garbage disposal! I would not have made that sacrifice. I would just pray for the other person and hope things worked out. And Karen, I don’t think that makes you a horrible person because dude is psycho and there is no reasoning with crazy. There is no way to prove he would keep his word.

Cay: Exactly! There is no reason to believe he is as good as his word, so no reason to play along. I can think of situations where I might sacrifice myself for others, but this isn’t one of them.

Melissa: Tim DeKay has never been so creepy. And I agree, he was out for self-justification, for absolution, and I don’t think his experiment would ever grant him that so it would just keep going and going. This isn’t a scenario where I would sacrifice myself for someone else, no.

Charlotte was busy stirring pots and manipulating people before finally telling Lucifer the truth about Chloe. Did Lucifer react the way you expected? What do you think is wrong with Chloe?
Karen: So her plan is to tell Lucifer about Chloe in order to turn him against dear old Dad, so they can go back to heaven… How does that work? Why would he want to go back to where his Father lives after he learns that? I get that he might want to leave Chloe, but probably not Earth. She has no idea how his mind works, and her schemes are just never going to do the job she’s trying to get done. Dumb Goddess. Also, I want to know her name. I mean, Charlotte is her body’s name, not HER name. The guys just call her “Mum.”

Lisa: Mama Morningstar sure is good at stirring pots. Mmm Hmmm! I don’t get how she thinks telling him would make him want to go home. Maybe to confront dear old Dad in person? I don’t know but I was totally with Maze yelling at the TV “Don’t tell him!” My hat’s off to Tom Ellis, because his reaction was perfect. His pain, betrayal, anger all played out well. Poor Luci. I have no idea what wrong with Chloe. Did she catch whatever Crazy Pants was creating? Is it a virus? I don’t know but it doesn’t look good.

Cay: I was kind of annoyed with Luci for assuming that Chloe knew about it. When has she ever given him any indication that she wasn’t 100% trustworthy or for that matter, that she even believed that he was the devil? OTOH, I guess it gave him a reason to stomp to her house and find her suffering from…whatever…she was suffering from. Hopefully not more “designer poison” as the scientist in me rebels against the idea that there is this magic poison and magic antidote that completely reserves it because in real life there aren’t many antidotes. I could believe a virus, though, but not sure I see Chloe under quarantine as a particularly likely plot point…although then you could have Luci trying to move hell (lol) and high water to save her…

Melissa: What IS Mama Morningstar’s plan? If Lucifer does go to Heaven to confront “dear old Dad”, are she and Amenadiel going to hitch a ride? Lucifer doesn’t seem to able to control his emotions when it comes to Chloe, so going to her in a rage and accusing her of “knowing” didn’t surprise me. The bloody nose, though…what is that? And how will she be cured? Is being divinely conceived enough to save her? Will Lucifer have to sacrifice himself to save her in a continuation of that creepy “experiment”?

Favorite line/scene?
Karen: When Lucifer was cutting himself to find out when Chloe was far enough away from him… he was so frustrated and I was really tense. Very into the scene. I love when a show can draw me in like that. Also, “Detective,” “Counselor,” “Douche,” “Dick,” “That’s my cue to leave.” was awesome. And when Dr. Linda had her conversation with Charlotte, shut her down and then realized that she’d passed her non-listening skills down to Lucifer… priceless.

Lisa: The whole “catching the nerd watching porn in the library” scene was pretty funny to me. But ultimately that dream sequence was super hot!

Cay: I also loved the scene with Dr. Linda and Charlotte “that would violate Doctor-Devil confidentiality”. I’m betting Dr. Linda is more helpful to Luci know that she’s got an understanding of his mother! LOL

Melissa: The “Detective. “Counselor.” “Douche.” “Dick.” exchange cracked me up. Good for Dan giving it back to Lucifer. All of Chloe’s attempts at flirting being met with confusion were my favorite parts of the episode. And Lucifer getting relationship advice from a room full of coeds was priceless.

Karen: Tom Ellis definitely. He went from sexy to happy (elated at one point), to just utter despair/heartbreak. And all believable. He’s got some chops.

Lisa: Tom Ellis hands down. He really portrayed a range of emotions in this episode and I believed every one of them. So good!

Cay: Oh yeah! I third that sentiment!

Melissa: It was close for me this week. Lauren German showed us a different side of Chloe that could have veered into a stereotype but ended up being endearing, and for that she gets runner up status. The winner for me, as with the rest of you, is Tom Ellis.

One more thing…
Cay: SO EXCITED that Timothy Omundson (Galavant) has been cast as a mental patient who just might be God!!!!

Karen: I’m digging that casting news too Cay!

Melissa: Cannot WAIT to see that!

Lucifer airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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